Jen Psaki Clashes With Liberal MSNBC Host Over Biden’s Filibuster Flip-flop

Jen Psaki, the press secretary of the White House, did not have a very pleasant and calm appearance on the MSNBC on this Thursday, as she has an exchange of words with the liberal and saucy anchor Mehdi Hasan.

The two clashed with each other when Jen Psaki made an appearance on ‘The 11th Hour’ over the timeframe of President Biden’s decision to change his mind and openly back the idea of abolishing the Senate filibuster. 

The Topic in Discussion

With Sinema and Manchin voting against the reformation along with all the Republicans, the motion to reform the filibuster process was defeated in the Senate earlier this month. For the time being, this has stymied the passage of the two federal electoral reform initiatives that were supported by Biden and a majority of Democrats.

For supporting the changes to the filibuster, Biden was highly chastised. Biden ironically described it as a fundamental power grab for the majority party when he was a member of the Senate as the representative of Delaware back in the year 2005. 

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What Did the Two Say to Each Other?

The conversation started to heat up when Hasan cited Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, D-N.Y, when she said that Biden had dragged his feet on the issue. A video clip was also played in which Psaki herself was telling a reporter that Biden supported the filibuster reform, back in March 2021.

Hasan then asked Jen why the President had waited for almost a year to change his view and stand against the filibuster publicly and questioned the rousing speech he gave that month in Atlanta.

He said that they (the people) have had been waiting and all the year of 2021 is gone while waiting for the bipartisanship. Psaki replied that the speech mentioned above was not the first speech that the President had given on voting rights and that he had given several speeches last year.

Jen Psaki
Jen Psaki

She was interrupted by Mehdi who argued about Biden’s speech in Atlanta earlier. In that speech, the President spoke about the need for a change in the filibuster and that too the very first time like that in public.

He emphasized the point that the President had come out so publicly standing against something he used to support, so explicitly had the President spoken on the filibuster on voting rights.

Psaki agreed to Mehdi, continuously saying that she is getting to that point, clearly frustrated by the interruption. She went on to add that after the President took the office, he had signed an executive order on voting rights.

She also claimed that even if Biden vocally opposed the filibuster, it would not have any influence on the Senators Krysten Sinema, D-Ariz and Joe Manchin, and W. AV on its preservation. Frustration was evident on Mehdi’s face now, too.

He said that he did not mean to say that his speech might change the minds of many but what he was trying to say is that the President of the United States and the leader of the Democratic Party, a person holding titles so big like these had not come out earlier and if, had he come out three, six or 9 months earlier and ask his team to deal with the filibuster thing and put it out of the way.

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Psaki still emphasized the fact that there was nothing to predict that Sinema and Manchin would change their minds like this and argued that it has also had the opposite effect on other Democratic Senators. 

The two of them had a very rough night but we hope that the two blew off some steam and are now in a good mood. 


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