Rtx 3090 Ti Possible Release Date, Latest Updates & Price 2022 Revealed

RTX 3090 Ti has been officially confirmed at CES 2022. Undoubtedly, this Ampere is going to be power-packed even before Lovelace arrives. As of now, Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3090 is considered to be the best graphics card.

It was released in the year 2020 and soon, this new updated version will be released. This GPU powerhouse was expected to be replaced by the RTX 4000 series but the new announcement of RTX 3090 Ti has shocked everyone. 

Currently, the market is facing an immense shortage of graphics cards. There are not many graphics cards that will stand up to your expectations. But the new era will start soon. RTX 3090 is expected to achieve new heights. 

RTX 3090 Ti Release Date

Nvidia is a brand that stays true to its promises. So, they started to reveal every little detail about RTX 3090 Ti during CES 2022 in January end. According to the reports of Tweaktown, it is said that the green team asked on pausing the GPU production.

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So, there are huge possibilities of delay. As per insider news, it is heard that BIOS as well as the prevailing hardware issues are the reason behind such a delay. The company wants to launch undisputed products so that customers have no grounds to complain about them. 

RTX 3090 Ti Price

As this is going to be a premium product, you need to invest a lot more for this model. The MRP is not confirmed by Nvidia but Videocardz has leaked certain information about the price. So, we can guess that this is the retail price for the upcoming releases.

MSI’s RTX 3090 Ti Gaming X Trio will cost around USD 3,751. On the other hand, Supreme X will be some time that is going to be premium. It will cost USD 4,497. Even if it is costly, it will be worth every penny. The latest features are going to surpass any other model and you can surely feel the difference.

RTX 3090 Ti Information

There are many valuable changes done to this graphics card. Any expert can easily identify this. To start with, the GA102 GPU of the card has 10,752 CUDA cores. Thus, there are 256 more CUDA cores compared to the base model. It even has 12 2 GB modules and not the 24 1 GB chips for the memory configuration.

Now, the other features, to make the graphics cards faster, use a GDDR6X Micron memory. This had a huge transfer rate of 21 Gbps. Another leak says that it has the MSI Suprim X variant base. This will certainly increase the clock speed which can reach 1,900 MHz. 

RTX 3090 Ti on a Blue Background by Msi

It has a 480W TDP that will reduce frequent heating. This model even needs a power supply of 850 W. So, check the preferences accordingly. 

RTX 3090 Ti Analysis

Nvidia’s RTX 3090 Ti is suspected to have 40 shader teraflops, 320 tensor teraflops, and even 78 ray tracing teraflops. Besides; its 4K capabilities are going to exceed the new specifications. As a result, the gamers can witness the magic of 8K games that are going to have a high frame rate.  

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So, if you are recently looking forward to upgrading your system, we will recommend you to wait. The release will be soon enough. It’s better to invest in something latest that has much more potential than any other model.

As soon as the model will be launched or any further details will be shared, we will update you. Till then, keep an eye on the leaks and know about all the details.


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