US Secret Service Charges Kansas Man With Threatening to Harm Biden

Charges have been formally filed against Kansas man as he said he was “coming for” President Joe Biden. The Kansas man was also found to possess ammunition, not a weapon, though, as stated in the court documents.

What Really Happened?

The Kansas man named Scott Ryan Merryman, first of all, called police in Independence, Kan., last week to inform he is going to Washington to see President Joe Biden, according to a complaint registered in Maryland federal court on Friday.

In an interview with Secret Service over the phone, he allegedly said that God has told him that he should go the heart of the nation to lop off the head of the serpent, reported by Senior Special Agent Lisa Koerber in a sworn affidavit.

Merryman denied that he was referring to President; however, Merryman called the White House directly on Thursday.

A switchboard operator said he clearly threatened Biden by saying he would cut off the head of snake/anti-Christ, as per the filed complaint. Merryman’s Facebook profile tells that he works in construction and was once employed by the Army.

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After the whole White House phone call, Merryman explicitly told a Secret Service agent that he is coming for ‘sleepy Joe’; he said he is talking about President Biden, and he can be quoted on this.

According to the charges, Secret Service agents met Merryman in the parking lot of a Cracker Barrel in Hagerstown, and he consented to a search. Three rounds of ammunition were found, but he said he did not have a weapon on him anymore. 

As alleged by the Secret Service, Merryman has violated two federal laws at least, one that strictly prohibits threatening to harm the President included. This violation can lead to up to five years of imprisonment.

US Secret Service
US Secret Service

The Facebook Page That Merryman Runs

The complaint said that a Facebook page owned by Merryman also has a series of threatening and unacceptable verbiage, Secret Service told. In a post on Tuesday, Merryman said he would go on a journey led by God to our nation’s capital; he asked his followers to stay tuned for his strategic moves.

Then on Thursday, in a now-deleted post, his plan was to “jump a fence” and see Biden before slaying the Anti-Christ.

This information is provided by the screenshots submitted in the court; one also said that Merryman planned to get rid of the ammunition before he entered the White House. He also allegedly asked his followers to call the White House and tell them that we are coming to kill them. This post was also deleted.

The Latest Update

Merryman is a 37 years old man, and he was booked this Thursday at the Washington County jail in Hagerstown. He was held there till Saturday, the jail officials said. It is expected that he will first appear in the federal court this coming week.

After David Copperhite of Baltimore – U.S. Magistrate Judge signed the charging papers on Friday; he will be appointed a lawyer there if he already does not have one.

Merryman was initially held on Thursday; the complaint lodged by a Maryland State Police trooper said he was charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct and resisting or impending arrest. According to court records, he was released, though, on personal recognizance. 

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Merryman cannot be reached the moment for a comment, and a spokesman for the Secret Service also declined to give any remarks further. 

The position of President comes with utmost responsibility, and innumerable threats are lodged at presidents every year. Four presidents have been assassinated while they were still in office, busy working, as per the National Archives.

Many have been objects of plots that were not carried out. So it indeed is a very risky title. The Secret Service, whose duty is presidential protection, usually does not disclose any threats or information to avoid further triggers, as attention to one crime may lead to more. The Kansas man is going to make his initial appearance soon, and we all hope that justice shall be served.


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