Queen Elizabeth (a Rumored Burger Fan!) Launches Her Own Ketchup Using Ingredients From Sandringham

Queen Elizabeth has her condiments, including tomato ketchup and brown sauce (like a steak sauce). The items are created on the 95-year-old monarch’s Sandringham estate in Norfolk, using materials sourced from the grounds.

The ketchup is seasoned with dates, apple juice, and spices and is touted as “perfect for breakfast or any time of day,” while the brown sauce is “packed with vinegar and spices.” The condiments are equally expensive: a ten oz.

The glass bottle costs more than $9. While the product introduction may appear surprising, the Queen enjoys hamburgers, so the royal kitchen is likely well-stocked with condiments. Former royal chef Darren McGrady, on the other hand, stated that the monarch enjoys her burger without a bun, eaten with a knife and fork, and served with cranberries rather than ketchup, prompting Foodhub to create a “Ma’amburger” in her honor.

Past Ventures

This isn’t the Queen’s first attempt into the food and beverage industry. Buckingham Palace launched its gin in 2020, with many ingredients sourced directly from Queen Elizabeth’s London home’s backyard.

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This was followed by a Sandringham estate-produced gin that includes Sharon fruit grown in the Walled Garden “on a sheltered wall at the end of what was a range of glasshouses, built on the prize money of the famous racehorse, Persimmon, occupied by King Edward VII,” as per the liquor’s description.

It also includes leaves from myrtle bushes growing on the estate and a portion of the future Queen Alexandra’s bridal bouquet from her wedding to the future King Edward VII. The Queen authorized the marketing of a beer line produced from plants cultivated on her Sandringham estate last year.

The beers are available in two varieties: a cold-filtered, typical English “bitter” and a bolder Golden IPA characterized as “uniquely natural” by the gift store. On Sunday, Queen Elizabeth took a helicopter ride to Sandringham, located 110 miles north of London.

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth

In late December, she usually arrives at the estate when the royal family gathers to spend Christmas. However, despite the spike of COVID-19 cases in the United Kingdom, she spent the vacation at Windsor Castle with Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

The Queen usually remains until after February 6, the anniversary of her father’s death and her accession to the throne. She is living at Wood Farm, the home on Sandringham Estate where Prince Philip, who died in April at the age of 99, mostly lived before heading to Windsor Castle to isolate with his wife at the onset of the epidemic.

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