Two Cobra Kai Stars Were in a Disney Original Film: Know the details

With four successful seasons on Netflix, Cobra Kai was first released on YouTube Red. It has been the favorite of pop culture for quite some time now. It can be said that Cobra Kai is the sequel to the original trilogy of the ’80s The Karate Kid.

However, the series is set in the future, almost 3 decades. Cobra Kai stars may be seen as William Zabka playing Johnny Lawrence and Ralph Macchio as Daniel LaRusso but two other characters already appeared in a Disney movie. Two Cobra Kai stars were seen in a Disney Original movie and fans couldn’t be more excited when they heard about it. 

Peyton List as well as Jacob Bertrand are other main cast members who were seen together in a movie named The Swap. It was a Disney Channel Original movie that was released back in 2016 and they later joined the popular crew of Cobra Kai. 

Bertrand who is famously known as Eli in the series was seen in the cast from Season 1 only but he was just a recurring back then. On the other hand, List is playing Tory Nichols who joined the iconic team as a recurring character in season 2 but soon got promoted.

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Tory, as well as Hawk, is now the central character of the Cobra Kai plot. So, you can see actions and tensions in the entire series as needed.  

The duo is loved by all but the sudden revelation about their past had excited the fans. We have more news about this 2016 film.

Cobra Kai Cast

Besides, Zabka and Macchio and many other characters from the original films can be seen in Cobra Kai. The series is known for its unique plot and talented cast that includes Tanner Buchanan playing Robby Keene, Mary Mouser being Samantha LaRusso, and even Xolo Maridueña being seen as Miguel Diaz.

This is the main cast we see in Season 1. However, new inclusions are there as the seasons get extended. We see how new characters become a crucial addition to the story, all thanks to the amazing plot of the story.  

Coming back to the stars who have their own Disney film, let us discuss more the film and reveal some truth. 

Two Cobra Kai
Two Cobra Kai

What Was The Swap’s Plot?

To start with the basics, The Swap is directly based on the book having the same name and written by Megan Shull. As we already know the name of the stars, we can see List as Ellie O’Brien and Bertrand playing Jack Malloy.

They play the roles of two high schoolers who are struggling in their daily lives and facing immense hardship. Both the characters were seen suffering from the loss of their parents. Later they were bullied which led them to the nurse’s office.  

The story gets interesting from here because we have seen the characters arguing which gender suffers the most. Now, one day when they texted each other, they magically switched bodies and had no clue about how it happened.

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As this has all happened accidentally, this led to panic. The leads were trying hard to find ways to get back to normal life and switch back. The story is entirely about this experience and how they switched back. 

The Swap Review

Now many critics called it a cliche and also predictable. However, Bertrand’s and List’s acting skills were praised. They had rightfully shown all the emotions. They portrayed loss, empathy, struggles, and much more.

As they have done justice to their roles, they eventually got in Cobra Kai. Undoubtedly, this has been the best series they could be cast in. Instead of waiting for the next Cobra Kai episode, tune into The Swap and see your favorite characters in different roles.


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