‘Archive 81’ Season 2: Is It Renewed? We Have Answers About Everything You Need to Know

Archive 81 was a breakout hit that surpassed all the high-profile shows and got the #1 spot on Netflix for the longest period.

After an eventful season 1, fans are already looking forward to Archive 81 Season 2. But when will it happen and will it get renewed? We have the answers that you have been wanting. 

The Archive was released on 14th January 2022 and it is a horror series from the renowned filmmaker James Wan. Rebecca Sonneshine developed this record-breaking. Remember the horror it created? Well, Archive 81 Season 2 surely has to do more than that.  

What Is the Archive 81 Series About?

This is a mind-bending supernatural thriller that follows the journey of an archivist who has been investigating a filmmaker. The mystery associated with the plot keeps building and it becomes more intriguing with every scene.

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Mamoudou Athie plays the role of Dan Turner. He was hired by some secret organization to handle a mysterious project. The project was about finding details on a Vessir Apartment fire incident that happened in 1994.

Dina Shihabi is also seen as Melody Pendras. Melody’s sole reason for shifting into this building was to find out answers about her mother’s death, a victim of the Vessir fire. As Dan’s family also died in a house fire, Dan finds a personal connection to the story.

Later it was disclosed that Dan’s father was also a part of Melody’s life, as her psychiatrist. This was revealed by her tapes. 

The series had eight episodes and each was 1 hour long. After the series finale, audiences are begging to know more of Dan’s and Melody’s stories. But where is it going to happen?

Archive 81 Season 2
Archive 81 Season 2

Archive 81 Season 2 Renewal Status

Do not believe the rumors as season 2 is not renewed yet. However, there is no reason to be sad. As the hype around Archive 81 season 2 is evident and the show has been a success already, we are going to get more installments.

The writers Evan Bleiweiss and Paul Harris Boardman said that their minds are full of ideas and they can easily pull off another great season.  

Rebecca Sonnenshine on the other hand said The Wrap., “The idea is that we continue on with these characters into a new season, should we be so lucky to get a second season,” “It wasn’t conceived as a one-season show.

I think there are more stories to tell. I think we end on a good cliffhanger that needs to be addressed, and we introduce a lot of characters that surround Dan and Melody that have very rich and interesting lives to explore further. So yeah, we hope to keep going.”

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Archive 81 Season 2 Release Date

The show first debuted in January 2022 and it hasn’t been a month yet since the release. If you look into production history, it took around 4.5 months to film the first season. Now, the post and pre-production works took around 13.5 months. So, we can expect to see season 2 in 2023.

But the entire thing is totally dependent on Netflix. The sooner it confirms the renewal, the faster the production will start.  

Archive 81 Season 2 Plot

Season 1 left the audience at a cliff-hanger. Dan bravely rescued Melody and then she was transported back to the present day. However, Dan is still stuck in the maze of the past. He was looked upon as a survivor who managed to escape the horror of the Vessir fires.

Thus, Season 2 can be about Melody’s journey to bring back Dan. But there will be more to it. The final storyline will be confirmed once the production starts. 

If you are still skeptical, then let us tell you that Archive 81 Season 2 is surely going to happen. You just need to wait for the official announcement. The streaming platform Netflix is definitely going to bring back the series that has topped the charts for so long.

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