Fifa 23 Demo: Everything You Need to Know About Early Access to EA’s Next Title

While the other franchises cancel and postpone the release of their games, FIFA is ready with its next game. The FIFA 22 is in full swing and FIFA looks forward to releasing its next edition, the FIFA 2023. What is to be expected from the new edition and when is it coming out? 

Is There Going to Be a Fifa 23 Demo?

EA has yet to confirm whether or not a FIFA 23 demo will be published this year,  but based on what has come before, a very solid prediction can be made. Instead of a demo, EA has given fans a 10 hour and 20-hour sample play through their EA Play App.

For a little more amount, you might be able to play the entire game for both the time limits, if the FIFA 23 follows the suit, as it is expected from it. However, if someone wished to play the game before the release, beta is the only available option.

As in the case of FIFA 22, only North American players were allowed to join in the beta version that happened between 13th August and 32st August. However, EA Sports decided to halt the version as it was causing a lot of leaks. 

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FIFA 23 Expected Release Date

The year 2022 has just kicked off and 2023 is a long way ahead, and so is the official release date announcement for the new game. It is expected to make us wait for several months from now, but we can guess as to when the date will be announced.

The 2022 version of the game was fully released on the 1st of October, 2021. If FIFA and EA follow the suit, the 2023 version of the game will most probably be released on the 30th of September this year.

The 10 hour EA Play trial will be available at least about a week before the full launch. The expected dates are that the closed beta version would be released on 11th August, the EA Play trial and Web App launch will be released on 21 September and before the full launch on 30th September, the FUT Mobile Comparison App launch an Early Access will be most probably launched on 22nd and 27th February respectively.

It is to be remembered that the World Cup would start on the 21st of November. 


Modes of the Game, Especially Career Mode

As mentioned previously in the article, the EA Play 10-hour / 20-hour early access trial will allow you complete access to FIFA 23. This implies that by the time the game is officially published, you’ll be able to jumpstart your Ultimate Team by trading and assembling a squad that’s above average.

Career Mode, Volta Football, and basic Quickplay options like Kick-Off will also be available to you. One major issue that the gamers are wishing that the 2023 version fixes are that there is no cross-play.

Almost every new game has this feature and gamers are looking forward to it in FIFA 2023. As cross-play is not even feasible within the consoles right now, thus PlayStation 4 players can’t play against or with PlayStation 5 players.

The current FIFA is undoubtedly one of the better games in recent years in terms of gameplay, which is also enjoyable overall. The pace monsters are still around, but getting through defensive lines with them is difficult.

This is very enjoyable in FUT. Of course, we’re hoping for some new Career Mode additions as well. However, it did not feature something so out of the box. Let’s just hope that FIFA 2023 is packed with new and exciting features. 

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What Platforms Can the Game Be Played on?

EA does not overlook any console when it comes to the variety of platforms. The difference in the game quality should be less pronounced in a different generation of consoles as it is in the FIFA 22.

The game can be played on PlayStation 4 as well as PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Stadia. As far as the game pass is concerned, it is currently unknown if the game will be included in the Microsoft Gamepass when it is released.

It is expected to be included as soon as after the release, just like its predecessor, and you might get a chance to play it without paying a full price. You can play selected Electronic Arts games ahead of time if you have an EA Play membership and this function is also expectedly going to be available in FIFA 23. 

Trailer and Cover of the Game

Whenever you talk about the release of the new FIFA game, the biggest question that comes to one’s mind is who is going to be on the cover page of the new FIFA version. Everyone waits for the official cover release with bated breath.

At the moment, everybody feels like Kylian Mbappè has a very solid chance of completing his hattrick and landing on the cover for the third time. With so many speculations about the young French Superstar, it will surely be fascinating to watch where he goes.

One other possibility is that the rising Dortmund star Eric Haaland could replace Mbappè. The rising talent will surely leave Dortmund to shake hands with a global club with better outreach.

The cover of the game is however a very big question mark but the second big question mark is when is the trailer going to release. Of course, no information regarding the trailer has been released yet.

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However, it is known that these short video segments do not play their part in telling how good or bad the game feels. We will most likely learn the most about the game in the EA Play this year. Rendered videos can never tell how smooth the game is. The first official trailer of the FIFA 22 was released on the 11th of July. 

Although there is a long way to go before the game is finally released but the excitement of the game is truly something.  


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