Raising Dion Season Two Release Date, Characters, Storyline and All Recent Updates 

About the Raising Dion 

Raising Dion is an American television series that is based on a background story of a superhero and supernaturals. The trailer of the first season of this series was released on September 18, 2019, and later on, the season was released on October 4, 2019, and reached people through Netflix.

The storyline is based on a comic book which was written by Dennis Liu in 2015 and also on a short movie that was released with the same title. It has been illustrated by Jason Piperberg. The first season comprised nine episodes which were released all together in one go. 

The Background Story of the Series

The story of the series revolves around a woman named Nicole, who looks after her son Dion after the death of her husband, Mark. The obstacles in raising a child all alone doubles when it was revealed that Dion possesses some sort of superpowers.

Nicole decides to protect her son and to keep this reality a secret from the rest of the world with the help of Pat, who is her husband’s friend so that no one could harm Dion or exploit him to make wrong use of his powers, till the time Nicole finds out that from where her son got these powers.

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Release Date of the Raising Dion Season Two

Netflix thought to renew the series in January 2022, that is why the second season was released on February 1, 2022, and the trailer of the second season was released on January 18, 2022. The second season consists of eight episodes that have been released altogether on the above-mentioned date. 

The Storyline of the Raising Dion Season Two 

The trailer describes that in this season Dion would be discovering about his possession of superpowers that keep on changing their forms but never vanishes inside him and he would be working on his new skills with the support of his mom and her Biona trainer, Tevin while his mom is still trying her best to keep him safe and sound.

Later on, as soon as Dion and Brayden would become friends in the series later, the story would shift towards a thrilling and dangerous track that would be full of actions. 

Raising Dion Season 2
Raising Dion Season 2

Now, Nicole and Dion are not only responsible for the safety of their lives, rather they would have to save the entire city of Atlanta from the upcoming dangers and threats. After Dion’s fight against the last danger, Brayden would be possessed by the crooked man.

Hence, consequently, it is expected that their friendship would face some hard time. Also, according to the trailer, it has been proven that Pat would be back after the final confrontation but since he would be handcuffed so he would not be capable of using his powers. 

Cast and Characters of the Raising Dion Season Two 

The entire main cast of season one would be returning for season two also.

The list of cast and characters are Alisha Wainwright as in the role of Nicole Warren who is a widowed mother raising her son all alone, Ja’Siah Young as in the role of Dion Warren who is Nicole’s eight-year-old son and a kid with supernatural powers, Jazmyn Simon as in the role of Kat Neese who is a surgeon and Nicole’s elder sister, Sammi Haney as in the role of Esperanza Jimenez who is Dion’s best friend and his class fellow. 

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Moreover, Jason Ritter as in the role of Pat Rollins who is Mark’s best friend, Dion’s godfather, and an engineer at Biona, and later revealed as The Crooked Man who is a monster that turns into a tornado and absorbs the supernatural human beings to survive, Ali Ahn as in the role of Suzanne Wu who is the CEO of Biona and a scientist, and Griffin Robert Faulkner as in the role of Brayden Mills who is Dion’s friend and turns to be his enemy later after being possessed by The Crooked Man, and Michael B. Jordan as in the role of Mark Warren who is Nicole’s dead husband and Dion’s father. 

So, the wait of the fans is finally over, and they can watch all the eight episodes of season two on Netflix anytime anywhere they want. The reviews would soon reveal how much did the audience like this season as compared to the previous one which was released two years ago. 


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