Shockblade Shen Skin for League of Legends: Know About Release Date, Price & More

The League of Legends patch 12.4 is going to be exciting for a lot of different reasons. The latest patch will introduce a whole new batch of skins and there will be one for Ekko in his Arcane appearance.

Riot Games, the developers of League of Legends were already seen testing out the new set of skins as they are looking to expand their content boundaries in the latest 12.4 patches. Shockblade Shen is among the most prominent skins that will enter League of Legends’ cosmetic line along with Qiyana and Kassadin.

Talking about Shockblade, the fans already know it’s definitely among the most popular skins in the game as before this, there was only Shockblade Zen skin which was announced back in 2012.

The wait has been long for the fans as Riot Games released their announcement and promotional images, it has stirred the excitement of the fans of League of Legends.

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In one of the recent tweets from the official account of League of Legends, they announced “Shocking new sins have landed on the PBE. Shockblade Kassadin. Shockblade Qiyana. Shockblade Shen. Brave Phoenix Xayah Prestige Edition.

Firelight Ekko” They have also released a video that shows a little more about these new skins that are making their way into the game.

The splash art of Shockblade Shen that was posted on Twitter earlier featured Qiyana as well. Looking at the splash arts, we are convinced each champion of LoL will have their splash arts in the new patch. To the fans, it did look a lot like Raiden from Mortal Kombat.


Price, Release Date, and More of the Shockblade Shen

What the fans are waiting for is what will be the price of this new skin. Well, no confirmed news came from Riot Games but we can expect a price tag of 1350 RP. Previously when Shockblade Zed was released in 2012, it had a price of 975 RP but in the recent past, League of Legends have released all their latest skins around 1350 RP.

If there are no delays from LoL’s end, the new 12.4 patches are supposed to arrive by February 16, 2022. The Shockblade Shen skin will also be introduced in this new patch.

Although the maintenance time of the new patch is not confirmed yet, usually around 3 am PT for NA servers, 3 am CET for EUNE servers, and 5 am UK time for EUW servers. More or less, the maintenance lasts about 3 hours, thus the estimated downtime will supposedly begin around this time.

If you are a fan of League of Legends, you will want to grab the new skin as soon as it arrives. Paying the RP as soon as it releases will let you get the Shockblade Shen skin. On the other hand, one can even try to get the skin through the loot tab capsule. The chances are pretty rare but if you are paying the RP, you are going to get the new skin for sure.

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What Else to Expect in the New Patch?

An entire bunch of updates was added as a part of the Lunar New Year celebration but with the new 12.4 patches, Riot Games is planning to go further. They are planning to add a new theme and design to the game which will add to the thrill majorly.

Majestic particles, elegant design, and larger-than-life dimensions will create a buzz in the gaming community. 

Along with this, Riot Games is also looking to release three more skins in this cycle. There will be a skin that will belong to the new Zaunite champion, one skin will be an exclusive Prestige skin dedicated for Vastaya, and finally a long-awaited skin for the master of time.

Keep your excitement level high since this is going to be revolutionary. Are you ready for the upcoming release?


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