Floribama Shore Season 5 Release Date Status: Is it Officially Announced?

For people who enjoy seeing a drama-filled reality show where people argue and patch up the next minute, Floribama Shore will be their go-to show. After the successful 4 four seasons, the Floribama Shore is coming back with another crazy season. Floribama Shore season 5 will be showing all the mayhem. 

MTV has some hit shows that made the careers of many. Like the 2000s Jersey Shore made Nicole Polizzi better known as “Snooki” a household name.  

Floribama Shore focuses on a group of friends who stay together in the same home for the summers. They love to party and will be seen being the life of the party whenever there are such occasions. 

The show had 4 seasons to date but the current season has been quite a challenge to shoot. There were multiple temporary stops due to the unexpected covid pandemic. The production was halted for the time being. Even many staff members were infected by the Covid-19 virus, 

Suspicions were there surrounding the renewal or cancellation of season 5. Well, reports have nothing more to tell. 

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Floribama Shore Season 5: When Is It Releasing?

If you follow the track records, Floribama Shore Season 4 started filming around late 2020. The broadcast date was somewhere around February to May 2021. So, the fans are still relieving in the last season, whereas it’s time to start yet another vacation.  

In case, there are no more threats coming from the Covid pandemic, we can expect an early release. The production for the fifth season had already started last year. So, once it’s wrapped up, the episodes will start releasing soon. The new episodes can come as soon as late 2022 or maybe 2023. 

Floribama Shore Season 5 Location

You can see a change of location in season 5. In season 4, the cast was in Montana away from the sunny beaches and beautiful weather. Later, they were in Lake Havasu as well. Thus, it can be assumed that the production staff is considering new locations for their show. Season 5 is expected to be set in some other luxurious location.

Floribama Shore Season 5
Floribama Shore Season 5

Floribama Shore Season 5 Cast

The OG casts of the Floribama Shore were seen in all three seasons. But on the arrival of the fourth season, there was a change in casts. Kortni Gilson left mid-season as she was having mental health issues. 

When interviewed by Dr. Drew Pinsky, she said that the reason behind her mental breakdown was sexual assault. She was sexually assaulted and didn’t want to be in front of the camera for her own sake. 

As a replacement, we see Mattie Lynn Breaux. But she wasn’t back for the 4th season due to her bad decisions. She was called out on social media when her drunk driving past was revealed. She took to Instagram to reveal that she is quitting the show and focusing on her mental health. 

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For Season 5, reports are there that Nilda Prowant may not be seen by anyone. In 2020, she happily announced her pregnancy and we hope that is busy being the mother she dreamed of. This show demands to do a lot of partying and stay away from her child for quite a long period.

So, that will be difficult for her as a new mother. MTV is looking for fresh talents, we know that, but will there be a whole new cast? Once the information is received, we will update you. 

MTV knows how to keep their audiences hooked to the screen and Floribama Shore Season 5 is not going to be an exception. As the creators confirm about the upcoming season, you will know what to expect from this season.


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