Kid Cosmic Season Three Release Date Status, Characters, Storyline And All Recent Updates 

About The Kid Cosmic Series

The Kid Cosmic is an American animated television series that is based on the story of a superhero. This series is the production of Netflix and has been produced in the house of Netflix Animation.

It was created and written by Craig McCracken for Netflix. The Kid Cosmic series is the first series of Craig McCracken to have a serialized format. Craig McCracken had also created Power Puff Girls for Cartoon Network. The series has been illustrated in a 2D retro-style just like a few other series namely Dennis The Menace, and The Adventures of Tintin. 

On November 6, 2018, Netflix announced the production of Kid Cosmic along with several other cartoon series. The trailer of the very first season was released on January 5, 2021, and the series officially premiered on February 2, 2021.

Whereas on August 10, 2021, the trailer for the second season was launched and on September 7, 2021, the second season of the series which was subtitled The Intergalactic Truckstop was broadcasted. The first season consisted of ten episodes, and the second one had eight episodes. 

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The Background Story of the Kid Cosmic Season Three

The background story of Kid Cosmic revolves around a child who deeply and keenly dreams about becoming a superhero. The kid lived in a deserted, less populated, and junked area of Southwestern United States.

One day when suddenly a spaceship crashed in that area, the kid finds out that there were five Cosmic Stone of Power inside that spaceship, and he knew that it was the right chance and the only way to make his dream of becoming a superhero come true. 

Later, the kid discovers a mysterious fact regarding those cosmic power stones that they would bring the threat and danger of the alien invasions on Earth, so he forms a team of superheroes to protect Earth from those miseries.

Each member of the team of superheroes was given a stone due to which they had specific and individual superpowers. The team consisted of four members, and they are namely Papa G who is the kid’s grandfather and who has the special power of replicating himself and turning into many numbers individuals just like him. 

Kid Cosmic Season 3
Kid Cosmic Season 3

Next, another member is Jo who is the leader of the team and can teleport and is also known as the Portal Girl, then there is a four-year-old girl named Rosa, who can become a forty-foot-long giant.

Lastly, there is a cat also named the Tuna Sandwich who can predict the future with its third eye. Later on, the team is joined by an alien invader named Stuck Chuck who landed on Earth after the destruction of his spaceship. 

The main aim of Stuck Chuck is to rob those cosmic power stones for his head.

Moreover, the story of the second season is continued in a similar pattern with a twist in the plot that the team of superheroes has to find the other eight cosmic power stones to save the world from the monster named Erodius who is a planet killer. Therefore, they had been teleported to space to find those crucial stones. 

Release Date of the Kid Cosmic Season Three

Season three of Kid Cosmic which is subtitled The Global Heroes has been released on February 3, 2022, on Netflix. Season three comprises of six episodes only. In this season, the superheroes are supposed to gather all thirteen cosmic power stones and have to take good care of them and have to protect them from alien invaders.

They are also responsible for the safety of the world from Erodius, their most powerful enemy. Most probably after this mission is accomplished, the entire galaxy and universe would be at peace and the stones would be under the possession of superheroes and this would become the end of the series. The trailer for the third season also premiered long ago. 

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The Cast and Characters of the Kid Cosmic Season Three

The list of main casts who are giving the voice over for the characters is Jack Fisher as in the role of the kid who is desperate to become a superhero, Amanda C. Miller as in the role of Johanna (Jo) who is a waitress at her mother’s restaurant and later becomes the superhero squad’s leader.

Lily-Rose Silver as in the role of Rosa Flores who is a four-year-old girl with the power to become a forty-foot long giant later, Tom Kenny as in the role of Stuck Chuck who is an alien invader who wants to steal the cosmic power stones, Fred Tatasciore as in the role of Tuna Sandwich who is a cat living in Mo’s Oasis.

Keith Ferguson as in the role of Papa G who is the kid’s grandfather and also in the role of Carl who is a truck driver and a regular at Mo’s Oasis and lastly Kim Yarbrough as in the role of Flo who is Jo’s mother and owner of Mo’s Oasis. 

Hence, season three has been released so the wait is over for the fans. The reviews and comments on social media would reveal how exciting people have found this season to be. 

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