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‘Raised by Wolves’ Season 2 Release Date and More Additional Updates Are Here!

We all have been hooked with the titillating first season of ‘Raised by Wolves which made it to our screens in late 2020z The incredible storyline and a stellar cast make it the most perfect watch.

The show’s creator Aaron Guzikowski left the viewers pleasantly surprised with the show’s unique portrayal of science fiction coalesced with epic drama and war. 

What Is Raised by Wolves All About?

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the plot centers around an android couple who are known as Father and Mother. After the earth has been demolished post a harrowing war, the two androids on Kepler 22B land up with the task to look after human children.

It’s time for the fans to rejoice as the highest in demand season 1 has paved way for the creation of a second season after a long wait of over a year.

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When Is Season 2 of Raised by Wolves Going to Release?

 The season is all set to release on 3rd February 2022 so be prepared to be gripped to your seats with yet another fantabulous season. The episodes will air on HBO and HBO Max every Thursday at 3:00 am eastern time.

Aaron Guzikowski has revealed that the second season will comprise 8 episodes in total. The audience can expect the episodes to be of a similar length as in the previous season with an average of 45-50 minutes.

Some episodes can be a bit longer but that’s only going to be revealed once the entire season has aired. The first season of this gripping sci-fi series had 10 episodes, unlike the new season which is comparatively shorter. 

Raised By Wolves

Which Cast Members Will Be Returning for Season 2?

Most of the cast from season 1 will return to our screens again. The two androids, Mother and Father, played by Amanda Collin and AbuBakar Salim will be making a comeback along with a majority of the young actors.

In season 1, after the destruction of the Human World by war, the two androids inhabited Kepler 22B. The arrival of other colonists poses a threat to the androids. Colonists are surprised to witness the strength of Mother which surpasses their expectations.

They soon discover a mysterious temple and other interesting revelations about its connection with Marcus are seen coming to play. 

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What Can the Audience Expect From Raised by Wolves Season 2?

The second season will see more drama unfold as Marcus disco figures the voices troubling him. The audience can expect more colonists on Kepler 22B and will also be shown about what is happening on Earth in the meantime.

Aaron also hinted at possible peeks in the past and also a present view of what is happening on Earth after the war left everything destroyed. Aaron isn’t finished with his plans just yet and has suggested that fans can stay on the lookout for more seasons after this.

He explained that according to the story he has in mind and the current map, the audience can expect five to six seasons. Well, looks like February will be an exciting month as we find ourselves gripped to our seats every Thursday. Can’t wait to know how season 2 unfolds.