Stimulus Checks 2022: Will The American Rescue Plan Affect Stimulus Money?

When the world was suffering from the global pandemic and everything seemed chaotic, one thing that could make things better was providing financial help to people.

At these hard times, the Biden government thought of providing a rescue plan to various sectors of people especially targeting the people with low income or unemployed. The American rescue plan is the mastermind plan of President Biden.

It was proposed to comprehensively address the health issues faced by the public and also look into the economic crises caused by the global pandemic. It’s a legislative package to rebuild the economy and it also aims to provide Americans the relief they need.

The plan breaks down into three categories: relief shots and schools. This plan was signed in March last year. This Rescue plan is considered to be one of the greatest achievements of the Biden government. 

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What Benefits Does This Rescue Plan Provide?

The Biden administration took care of the promise which Biden made many years ago and has some new coveted relief for us last year. It is a 1.9 trillion dollar package so what’s included in that? Well, it’s going to be stimulus checks for every individual who qualifies for $ 1400.

This is a little different than the secure act of past years because now we have phase-outs that start at $75 000. It’s a steep slide to $80,000 for single filers. For married individuals, it can be a hundred and fifty thousand to a hundred and sixty thousand.

Now there’s no clawback on the taxpayer’s 21 tax returns, unlike last year. So now we’ve got 300 dollars per week in unemployment benefits. Now, something that caught the attention of people was people would get $10,200 in unemployment that was to be taxed for 2020.

For a married couple that’s going to be 20400 dollars. It expands the child tax credits to 3000 dollars and increases the premium assistance for a tax credit for households and buying health insurance from the state exchanges. 

Stimulus Checks 2022
Stimulus Checks 2022

What Else Is Included in This Plan?

Well $ 90 billion for various transportation and infrastructure programs. $ 170 billion for schools and then we got $ 85 billion for additional Coronavirus testing contact tracing vaccination.

According to the survey efforts we need that $ 350 billion for state and local government support as a lot of states have been stressed from covid. This is going to help them out.

$25 billion in rental and utility assistance that’s going to be for housing, another 10 billion for mortgage aid so it’s a very robust plan. It increases supplemental nutrition assistance programs by 15 percent. Another $30 billion for restaurants that have been heavily impacted by covid.

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expands the employee retention tax credit allowing employees to keep their workers on the payroll extension of limitation on excess business loans for non-corporate taxpayers and then we’ve got enhancements of the earned income tax credit.

What Are the Effects of the American Rescue Plan on Stimulus Money?

Although the American rescue plan provides thousands of benefits to many people, this also makes the list of those who were planning to get stimulus money a little short. But ultimately the majority will receive the stimulus amount and a large number of people will be benefited from this rescue plan.


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