Tribe Nine Episode 5 Release Date, Confirmed And Cancelled?

One of the year’s newest anime series, The Tribe is one of the 2022’s finest anime and it has been releasing new episodes every week.

Four episodes of the series have already been released and now the backstory is well built and we head on to the most anticipated parts of the story. Fans wait impatiently for the 5th episode of the series  

Tribe Nine Episode 5: The Plot of the Series

The plot of the television series is set in a futuristic planet named the Neo Tokyo Country. The various tribes of various areas yearned for a place to call it their home and strife arose between them.

As the conflict grew, the government passed a regulation known as the ‘XB Law’ which allowed the tribes to settle their problems based on a game of baseball. Aside from that, no violence was to be allowed by the state and the players might hit and toss the ball only while playing. 

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What Has Happened Yet?

The fourth episode of the series which was titled  ‘Without him’, was released on the 31st of January. We saw Kamiya lying sickly in the streets in the last episode which indicated that he might have died.

The fourth episode opened with everyone remembering Shun Kamiya’s death. Everyone seemed unhappy and Saori learned of Shun’s illness which had been kept hidden from her. It was explained by Manami that it was Shun’s choice and that she did not want to name Saori who was concerned about him.

Haru asked if Shun was constantly sick, to which Manami said yes. He told them that Shun used to say that coffee was his treatment. Saori reminisces about the days when she and Shun used to exercise together and when they started the Minato Tribe as we are sent in the flashback.

Saori was lost in her thoughts when she was kidnapped by a biker gang. Luckily, Taiga was returning from fishing at that very moment and noticed them taking her. He informed Haru and the rest of the Minato tribe. At that moment, Santaro was hit by a stone that was coated by paper, a technique that has been used for years to send a note.

Tribe Nine
Tribe Nine

The note read that Saori Arisugawa was with them and if the tribe wanted her back, it must come to the Adachi City. The Minato tribe was seen visiting the Adachi City where they were being insulted and ridiculed at the very end of the episode.

The Minato tribe, however, appears to be afraid to engage in combat. A blue-haired, strange-looking man appears and asks if he could join the Minato tribe. The group finds the Adachi Tribe’s hideout at the end of the episode as they enter it.  

What Is About to Come?

Shun’s death was a major event of the show and has simply sketched the dynamics of the show quite well. With Shun gone, other characters like Haru and Taiga have begun to grow and develop.

Kazuki Aoyama is a new member of the team who has also joined the group. The arm of this new member is shaped like a baseball bat and it has piqued the interest of the viewers. If the predictions of the fans are true, this would be a very fascinating addition to the storyline.

Aside from the fascinating arm, the character itself has a very mysterious persona. Viewers would be reminded of Shun, the other mysterious character, by his presence. The two of the characters might be linked in one way or another. There are too many questions that are to be answered by this episode which is going to be truly fascinating.  

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Original Plans for Tribe Nine

Tribe Nine has become one of the most popular anime series of the year 2022. The series, however, was released first as a video game. The Japanese video game is a part of the Kazutaka Kodaka multimedia franchise.

Too Kyo Games created the game which was published by Akatsuki. The game is a role-playing action game that has been converted into an anime series made by Liden Films under the direction of Yu Aoki.

More life was given to the anime by Michiko Yokote, who wrote the screenplay for the series. The adaption was successful in bringing together the fans of anime, also known as weebs, and gamers under one roof to enjoy Tribe Nine. 

Tribe Nine Episode 5 Release Date and Time

The last episode ended with the introduction of Kazuki Aoyama, the blue-haired character who had a fascinating arm and a brilliant mind. The next step that the Minato tribe would take to reclaim its kidnapped sub-leader is scheduled to reveal in the 5th episode of the show.

The story will continue in the following episode and is expected to reveal the direction of the show. With Shun out of the show, many characters are ready to develop and a new character is also introduced.

A lot is to happen in the 5th episode which will be premiering on Monday, 7th of February, 2022. The release time is 10:30 PM according to Japan’s time. 

The video game-based anime is a treat to watch and fans wait impatiently for the next episode which will surely be quite happening. 

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