Lee Child Is the Executive Producer of Amazon Prime’s Reacher: Know About Release Date, Plot & More

Lee Child’s hero will be seen in the all-new action thriller series, Reacher. Tom Cruise’s Jack Reacher will remain forever iconic but now Amazon Prime is ready to surprise the fans with Reacher.

The Season 1 of Reacher will star Alan Ritchson as a veteran military police investigator and he is looking all ripped. This is a crime series with a lot of mystery and it is totally based on the popular novels by Lee Child. 

Tom Cruise made 2012’s Jack Reacher as well as 2016’s Jack Reacher: Never Go Back a major hit.

So, this series is definitely going to live up to the previous reputation. This is going to be an eight-part series that is all about fights, stunts, romance, and battles. Interestingly, we can see the author of the novel, Lee Child as an executive producer in the film.

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Let’s know more about the spin-off’s first look and also the trailer.

Reacher Release Date

If you have an Amazon Prime Video subscription, you can watch the show right now. The series has been released on Friday, 4th February 2022. Since the episode is already released, the reviews that are coming are great. It’s time for you to watch! 

Reacher Trailer

The trailer of Reacher had hit the right spot of the audience. Amazon Prime Video had initially released the trailer and it had garnered quite a good amount of views. In the beginning, the viewers see Ritchson’s Reacher entering Margrave, a fictional town.

He definitely made the town talk about him since the locals were disturbed due to the seven deaths. The whole trailer had a lot of elements. You can see fistfights, the opening of a beer bottle just by using muscles, romance, and also, showing off the amazing body by getting topless. 

Reacher Season 1
Reacher Season 1

Reacher Plot

The series is totally based on the first Jack Reacher novel, Killing Floor. If we follow the storyline of the novel, the protagonist is a police investigator who used to be in the military.

He goes to a two named Margrave in Georgia to investigate a murder that happened for the first time in 20 years. Now, the twist is here that eyewitnesses claim to see our hero, Reacher present at the crime scene. So, the story is about proving the character’s innocence and uncovering the conspiracy.

Alan Ritchson said, “Within minutes of him arriving, he’s arrested for murder,” “He basically has to solve the case to prove his innocence, and along the way, he starts to uncover this sinister plot, and realizes it’s close to home!’ 

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Reacher Cast

As the bars were set high by legendary Hollywood star Tom Cruise, the creators couldn’t lower the standards. The best cast is going to be seen in the series.

The famous Harvey Guillén from What We Do in the Shadows is there in the series, iZombie’s Malcolm Goodwin, as well as Willa Fitzgerald, is going to be a cop, Roscoe Conklin. Besides, Bruce McGill from My Cousin Vinny perfectly portrays the character of Mayor Teale.  

Maxwell Jenkins, known as Will Robinson in Lost In Space can be seen as Jack Reacher’s child version. There are a lot of flashbacks that are shown throw out the series. So, no one could have been better than this talented child actor. 

 If you are into British soaps, then you may know Matthew Marsden as Chris Collins from Coronation Street. You will see more of this actor as Stan Reacher in this action-packed drama.

Since the series has begun, fans are waiting to see the upcoming episodes. The only question that lingers in a fan’s mind is, will this be as great as the movies?



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