The Offer’: Release Date, Trailer, and Everything We Know About the ‘Godfather’ Series’ Production

The Offer is an upcoming biographical drama miniseries and is regarding the development and production of Francis Ford Coppola’s gangster film The Godfather (1972).

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the incredible film’s release, ‘The Offer’ depicts the story of how The Godfather hit the screen and the hardships that occurred as a result of the culture in Hollywood during the time.

There were also frauds amongst those engaged in the development of the film and the criminals it was regarding weren’t too pleased either.

The series is written by Michael Tolkin and directed by Dexter Fletcher, starring Miles Teller, Matthew Goode, Giovanni Ribisi, Colin Hanks, Dan Fogler, Juno Temple, Burn Gorman.

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Here is what we know so far about the production of ‘Godfather” series “The Offer” 

What Is the Release Date of the Offer?

The filming for the series started in July 2021 and is scheduled to be released on Paramount plus in the United States on April 28, 2022, and will have a total of 10 episodes with three episodes available on the day of release itself and the remaining will be available every week. The release dates in other countries are still not known.

Who Will Join the Cast of the Offer?

We will see the below characters in the upcoming miniseries:

  • Miles Teller will portray the character, Albert S. Ruddy
  • Matthew Goode will portray the character, Robert Evans
  • Dan Fogler will portray the character, Francis Ford Coppola
  • Juno Temple will portray the character, Bettye McCartt 
  • Patrick Gallo will portray the character, Mario Puzo
  • Colin Hanks will portray the character, Barry Lapidus
  • Burn Gorman will portray the character Charles Bluhdorn
  • Giovanni Ribisi will portray the character, Joe Colombo
The Offer
The Offer

Apart from the characters mentioned above, we will also see some supporting cast such as 

  • Justin Chambers will portray the character, Marlon Brando
  • Josh Zuckerman will portray the character, Peter Bart
  • Nora Arnezeder will portray the character, Francoise Glazer
  • Meredith Garretson will portray the character, Ali MacGraw
  • Paul McCrane will portray the character, Jack Ballard
  • Anthony Skordi will portray the character, Carlo Gambino
  • James Madio will portray the character, Gino
  • Michael Rispoli will portray the character, Tommy Lucchese
  • Jake Cannavale will portray the character Caesar
  • Stephanie Koenig will portray the character, Andrea Eastman
  • Frank John Hughes will portray the character, Frank Sinatra
  • Lou Ferrigno will portray the character, Lenny Montana
  • Danny Nucci will portray the character Mario Biaggi
  • Eric Balfour will portray the character, Dean Tavoularis
  • Anthony Ippolito will portray the character, Al Pacino
  • Zack Schor will portray the character, Fred Gallo
  • Kirk Acevedo will portray the character Special Agent Hale
  • Ross McCall will portray the character, Moran
  • Michael Gandolfini will portray the character, Andy Calhoun

What Can We Expect From the Storyline of the Offer?

There have been many stories regarding the development of The Godfather shared over the years, whether it was shared in books such as The Kid Stays in the Picture written by producer Robert Evans or Take the Gun by Vanity Fair writer Mark Seal, Leave the Cannoli.

The Offer is adapted from producer Albert S. Ruddy’s “never-before-seen experiences” on the development of The Godfather. That’s true all the information on the story of The Offer that has been given as yet, but as you will watch in the trailer, there’s much more that is going on since the pieces are being brought together to develop The Godfather.

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Is There a Trailer for the Offer?

Paramount plus has shared an official teaser on February 2, 2022, giving us the first glimpse of the upcoming series. Here’s the link below to watch the full teaser.

Final Words

Though we still have to wait for more than two months to watch the series, however, this wait seems to be worth it with the teaser. We will keep you updated with all the latest information on the subject until then stay tuned.


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