Allowing ‘Darwinism to Kill Off’ the ‘Foolish’ Unvaccinated is a ‘Necessary Evil,’ According to a D.C. Mayor’s Office official

The reality is that the pandemic has seeped into our lives molding our norms and warranting uncomfortable changes which were previously unprecedented. Nevertheless, the chaotic influx of infections and new variants have perplexed people and scientists alike.

Just when the situation seems to be on the way to finding some relief, we find ourselves being bombarded with other haphazard revelations about the pandemic. 

The Pandemic and Vaccinations; How Far Along Are We?

Following the Delta variant, with higher transmissibility and more severe infections, the vaccine administration became more critical. To ensure their effectiveness doctors recommended boosters and abidance of standard covid protocols like mask-wearing and social distancing.

Despite the sensitivity of the issue at hand, public negligence of health protocols has been a major concern. The primary way of achieving herd immunity against the virus is to have all individuals vaccinated which will prevent the virus from finding any vulnerable host and thus help eliminate it.

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This isn’t as easy as it sounds because conspiracies about covid and the vaccine have caused imminent reservations in people who are now reluctant to get themselves administered with the shot. 

DC Official Responds With an Absurd Statement

This, however, is their personal choice and despite the regulations from the government if some people aren’t getting themselves administered they should be extra careful with their interactions and wear masks.

However, I’m not against vaccines and in fact, would prefer if the masses were vaccinated because that would allow the health demographic to substantially get better. In a surprising statement by the director of DC mayor’s office of veteran affairs, Eliot Tommingo, he presented his extreme stance on unvaccinated individuals.

Which in my opinion was a tad too far-fetched and very unwarranted. Screenshots of his conversation were found by Brietbart showing his distaste for unvaccinated individuals. The post to which Elliot responded t was by Jonathen Lubecky who was ranting about being somewhere where the restrictions were lenient and in his own words didn’t have “stupid mandates”.

Official in D.C. Mayor’s Office
Official in D.C. Mayor’s Office

His frustration stems from the strict reinforcement of SOPs endorsed by the mayor, Muriel Bowser, which restricts access for unvaccinated individuals at almost all public indoor places including restaurants, libraries, auditoriums, etc. Surprisingly even places of worship require proof of vaccination.

This imminent discrimination has been policing people’s movement to all public places and has been effective from January 15th. Even the mask mandate has been extended another month. In response to the criticism of the DC mandate, Eliot Tommingo responded with a rather absurd narrative.

Tommingo tells the man if he travels somewhere else he would happily accompany him but the problem is people are not ready to stop getting influenced by celebrities and unless they get themselves administered with the vaccine and stop eating their “own piss” or “horse dewormer” the mandates wouldn’t have to be imposed for so long.

Tommingo also added it’s a necessary evil that those who are too negligent about their health and fail to protect themselves by resisting the imposition of vaccines would be killed off by Darwinism.

Why the Dc Official Should Have Kept His View to Himself

 Lubecky responded to his statement and called on the stats which show 48 percent of the population is unvaccinated black citizens and his statement claims that all of them should be erased or killed off by Darwinism. 

In a recent report, 43.4 percent of individuals are fully vaccinated which means a major sum are not, and according to Tommingo’s statement they should be dead by Darwinism as they are too “foolish”.

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This is a bit hard to digest because not only is it very privileged but doesn’t take into account the mental trauma and personal reasoning that might cause a reluctance to get vaccinated.

Health officials have continually made promises of vaccines being effective but it’s the truth that the side effects have been shadowed leading to increased confusion and anxiety in Americans.

We are far from returning to a pre-pandemic era, and this is exactly why everyone is frustrated. If vaccines were the cue to a pre-pandemic lifestyle why are the mandates still strict and not being lifted off? It’s been two years to this entirely different lifestyle and getting accustomed to wearing masks, getting tested, showing proof of vaccinations, and whatnot.

These frustrations are likely to grow with time and DC’s mandate and absolute foolish replies will not help the cause. A bit of empathy and regard would work way better than Tommingo’s discriminatory disregard for the secrecy of human life. 


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