Child Tax Credit: Tax Refunds Could Bring Another $1,800 Per Child

The advance payments for child tax credit came to an end in December, however, there is still some additional money that will be sent out to entitled families this year.

Given that tax season has turned up, the final boosted child tax credit payment for last year, along with any amount that you did not get in advance will come to you together with your tax refund.

That final payment will be a minimum of fifty percent of the entire amount of child tax credit, or even more in the case where you have opted out of advance payments, welcomed a new child to the family, or experienced a remarkable change in your earnings earlier this year.

To ensure that you receive the remainder of your payment, maintain a track of Letter 6419 received from the Internal Revenue System (IRS).

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It will contain details about how much money have been received by you last year and the number of eligible dependents taken into consideration in the calculation of payments. Kindly ensure that all the information on Letter 6419 is appropriate before filing your return of taxes, else you could experience a delay in your tax refund.

In this piece, we will explain the latest updates on the child tax credit and what we can expect when you are all set to file your return of taxes this year. 

Keep Your Child Tax Credit Letter Securely

The IRS has begun sending out Letter 6419 to households in late December. If you have not gotten it till now, keep a watch on your mailbox, as several letters are still in transit.

The letter has all significant information regarding your child tax credit payments that you will be required to cross-check to ensure that the information mentioned is appropriate. For example, the number of dependents is taken into account to ascertain the amount of payment you receive.

Child tax credit
Child tax credit

If you don’t get the letter or by chance lose it, then there is no need to panic at all. The entire important information that is required by you for your 2021 tax return can be checked by visiting the IRS website with an online IRS account.

After logging in, you need to simply click on “View my tax records” so that you can have a look at advance child tax credit payments and the number of eligible kids for 2021.

In fact, as a result of some reporting issues in Letter 6419, the IRS suggests you cross-check your information on the IRS website. The IRS stresses that the details in your online account are appropriate and up to date as well.

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How Much Child Tax Credit Money Can You Expect This Year?

If you and your family fulfill the income threshold criteria and you got each advance payment between July and December last year, you can be entitled to get a payment of up to $1,800 for each child between the age of 5 and below, or up to $1,500 per child between the age of 6 and 17, when you file your 2021 return of taxes.

There is no ceiling cap on the number of children who are qualified for the enhanced child tax credit, but your earnings will have an impact on the amount of credit you get.

The credit begins to decrease at $75,000 income for single filers or for those filing married jointly the limit is $150,000. It runs down completely at $220,000 and $440,000, respectively.

In a case you opted out of partial payments before the first check is sent out, you will be entitled to receive your full eligible amount with your tax refund, up to $3,600 for each child below the age of 6 and $3,000 for each child between the age of 6 and 17.

Any payments you missed out on as a result of IRS errors or because you had unenrolled should be added with your 2021 tax refund.


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