Death Note Season 2: Will It Ever Be Released? Find Out the Details

What About Death Note Season 2? Are the Creators Interested in Making a Season 2?

One of the best thriller anime that has ever been made, ever since Death Note season was released in 2006, fans have been eagerly asking questions about the next season. It has been fourteen years since the first episode of Death Note aired and since then the demand for a sequel has gone higher and higher.

The gripping storytelling of this popular manga not only bewildered the fans but also garnered a lot of attention from other creators in the world. It inspired a light novel, musical, live-action TV, and also a film but nothing could come close to what the original manga adaptation was.

The story even inspired Netflix to come out with their version but it failed to get many positive responses from the fans. Since 2006, only one season of Death Note came out and the storyline is still as exciting as it was fourteen years ago. 

What is a Death Note? 

The Death Note manga was written and illustrated by the marvelous duo Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. Just as the animation, the gripping storyline has also managed to intrigue the viewers ever since. It starts with the teenager Light Yagami discovering a mysterious notebook that changed his life around.  

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Titled as “Death Note”, the discovery of this mysterious notebook wasn’t just a coincidence. The story of the notebook is mysterious because the person whose name is written in the notebook will die.

According to the legends, the notebook was from the god of death Ryuk and he handed over the responsibility to Light Yagami, who happens to be a genius in his own way.  

Light on the other hand decides to take this responsibility seriously as he finds the unique powers of the Death Note. With the help of this notebook, Light Yagami sets out on a journey to get rid of the evils like serial murderers and immortals from society.

He adopts the alias “Kira” or Killer in English and sets out on the mission to remove crimes from the planet. Although his intentions with the Death Note were honest, as he progressed in his mission it led to many unpleasant consequences in his life. 

The first season was produced by the animation studio Madhouse and since then there is no official news from anywhere regarding the release of a second season. Although it’s not new for popular series to release a prequel or sequel after a long span of time Death Note’s life as an anime seems to be over.

Madhouse animation studio however didn’t release any official news on whether fans can expect a season 2. Neither they have approved nor they have canceled the concerns surrounding Death Note season 2.

Death Note Season 2
Death Note Season 2

Is There Any News About Death Note Season 2? What Will Be the Plot?

Fans who have watched season 1 know the manga was based on the majority of the plotline. If there has to be a Season 2, both the storyline and the characters have to be completely new. It will have to draw its inspiration for a new source and because there is no news or update, it’s impossible to predict anything related to a new season. 

If we however think about how the first season ended, we can come up with a probable storyline for the new season. Death Note season 1 ends with a sequence where Light was shot by Matsuda and how Light died of a cardiac arrest when Ryuk steps in and writes down Light’s name in the Death Note.

Season 1 ends with the death of both the protagonists and if there has to be a new season, it will have to be based on an entirely new story.

We can predict the storyline to follow that of the “Death Note: The a-Kira story” which is set 10 years later than the original events of Death Note. Minoru Tanaka, a student discovers the Death Note this time and he decides on selling it to the highest bidder possible.

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Ryuk who originally orchestrated the events tried to stop this transaction from happening. It follows into chaos between the American and Chinese authorities as both the nations try to get their hands on the Death Note.

Whether there will be a new season or not is completely unknown, but fans have eagerly waited for fourteen years and they are ready to wait for more if official news ever comes up.


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