Mike Pence: ‘President Trump Is Wrong’; ‘I Had No Right to Overturn the Election’ 

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The news broke out today i.e., on February 5, 2022, that Mike Pence, the previous Vice President of the United States rejected the false accusation of former President Donald Trump regarding the elections that Mike Pence might have become an obstacle and a hurdle in the way of Joe Biden from becoming the president last year.

Mike Pence strongly denied and refused to accept the statement given by Trump rather he mentioned that he did not have any sort of right to overturn the elections. In Orlando at the Federalist Society Florida chapters conference, Mike Pence gave his speech as a reply to the false accusation of Donald Trump.

He highlighted the significant fact that Trump has been trying to prove the presidential elections of last year as the wrong one which is not in the favor of Americans as if all alone one person is capable of deciding what is correct and what is not. 

Key Highlights of Mike Pence’s Speech

Mike Pence raised a crucial point in his speech by saying that the conservatives might create an issue for the Republicans in the upcoming elections, which are going to be held next to next year. These conservatives are habitual of believing in the non-existing fact that the vice president bears the potential to alter the elections.

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Mike Pence stated that at that time, neither he had the right to do any sort of amendments in the election results nor Kamala Harris would have one to do so at the time of 2024 elections when he and his party would defeat the current administration. 

Reasons Behind the Donald Trump’s Accusation

On Sunday, Donald Trump stated that the recent extreme pressure given by Congress to conduct the recounting of the Electoral College votes signified that Mike Pence possesses the authority to alter the election results.

The attempt to renew the Electoral Count Act and explain that the role of vice president in the counting and calculation of is traditional is spreading quickly in the senate with the help of Senator Susan Collins who belong to Maine, Senator Lisa Murkowski who is from Alaska, and Senator Rob Portman who belong to Ohio.

Mike Pence
Mike Pence

Furthermore, Trump mentioned that according to these senators, the vice president has the power to change the election results, but after having this authority still, Mike Pence did not take any sort of advantage of this power in altering the election outcomes and now the administration wants to take away this authority from the vice president. 

Mike Pence’s Reply to Trump’s Justifications and Explanations

After what Trump has mentioned in his reply on Friday, Mike Pence said that he understands the reality that the majority of the people are not satisfied with the election outcomes of last year, but according to him, everyone should forget about it as he and his party gave their best.

Hence, everyone should start looking up for upcoming opportunities in the future. Mike Pence has clearly defined his role played and has no involvement in the alteration of election results of January 6, 2021. 

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The Riot at the United States Capitol

In June 2021, while giving an interview to the news channel Mike Pence mentioned that Trump and he are not on the same page when it comes to what happened in the riot at the United States Capitol. Mike Pence is not sure whether he and Trump had eye contact on that day.

After that in California, he gave a statement regarding the elections and presidentship saying that nothing can be more un-American and wrong than a single person deciding who is going to be the next president.

He is fully satisfied with the services and duties he performed on that day when a frantic group of supporters of Trump attacked the United States Capitol. Many of those supporters demanded Mike Pence be dead after Trump asked them that they should convince their vice president to do the right thing by opposing the elections and rejecting the vote count. 

Mike Pence has cleared his position and has provided all the sufficient details which would easily suffice the need and requirement to prove him innocent in this matter and to prove that what Donald Trump is trying to claim is nothing but just a false accusation game just like the one he has been playing since the election of 2021 took place last year. 

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