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Poll: 40% of American Adults Refuse to Watch Genocide Games, Viewership Could Be Lowest on Record

Having hosted the summer games in the year 2008, Beijing is all set to host the winter games. The games were inaugurated in a lavish ceremony attended by at least 20 heads of state the President of Russia, the Emir of Qatar, the crown prince of Abu Dhabi, and the prime minister of Pakistan, to name a few.

Apart from all of these reports that have been collected that Americans, along with many other nations, have decided to Boycott viewing this game as they refer to this game as “Genocide Games.” 

Although They took all the necessary precautions because the Wuhan virus has breached the Beijing Olympics bubble, 308 positive tests have been reported so far, 308 cases linked to the winter Olympics inside the Chinese closed loop, but the organizers continue to stress that the games are safe.

Why Do the Americans Refer to the Olympics as Genocide Games?

However, despite the launch of the Olympics in China, the world is still raising concerns against Beijing hosting the 2022 Olympics. They are raising voices for environmental impact censorship and the most significant human rights issues.

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When China had won the bid to host the 2022 Olympics, many human rights advocates continued to criticize the international Olympic committee for their decision to allow China to hold the Olympic games despite China’s poor human rights record.

In the areas under its control, this represents global complicity in China’s extreme repression.

Ever since the international Olympic committee announced their decision, human rights groups, advocates, and activists from all over the world have been seen coming together in support of the Tibetans, Uighurs, hong kongers, and all other oppressed people under the communist party of China.

The organizations and the personalities have called on their governments to boycott the Beijing 2022 Olympics.

Poll: 40% of American Adults

From Japan to Switzerland to the united states and India, demonstrations are being held the world over in Tokyo protesters were seen rallying outside the Chinese embassy slamming china for the persecution of Uighurs, Tibetans, hong kongers, and Mongolians in new Delhi Tibetans living in exile staged a similar protest outside the Chinese embassy they held placards denouncing the genocide games they also burned the Chinese flag.

It is fiction that the Olympic games are not a political event; human rights are both moral and political. The IOC had banned South Africa from the games for 28 years because of apartheid, and Afghanistan was also banned because of the Taliban regime’s treatment of women.

China was awarded the 2008 Olympics partly because it was hoped that the human rights situation would improve in the country. But this has not happened, so Americans believe that the whole world must stand up to China and make it accountable for its egregious human rights record.

The Irony is the chief of the IOC Thomas Bach remains unmoved by the criticism he was seen relaying the Olympic torch himself when confronted on China’s human rights abuses and its attempts to politicize the winter Olympics he stated that these games are politically neutral.

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How Is the Boycott Going to Affect the Olympics?

Due to the ongoing scenario, the Poll was set up to check up on the viewership of the Olympics games. The Poll showed that around 40% of Americans would not be participating as viewers of the current Olympic Games.

When the people were asked the reason, 31% of people cited the major reason for the Boycott was China being the host. When Republicans were asked, 56% described the same reason for not watching the Olympics, and around 28% of Democrats will be boycotting the Olympics because they did not want China to host the international games’ platform.