Splatoon 3: Will it be released in 2022? Details about New Weapons, Nintendo Switch, Trailer, And Gameplay

The Splatoon 3 video game is on the verge of releasing. Nintendo Switch is going to release the upcoming game, Splatoon 3. The teaser was made public in early 2021.

Having a magical landscape along with a busy metropolis, there was also a second video that gave us more details of the video. It showed us details about weaponry, settings, single-player campaign, and even adversaries.

When is it going to be released and what is the latest news about it? 

Release Date & Rumors of Splatoon 3

The officials didn’t make any official announcement of the Splatoon 3 release date. However, on 17th February 2022, worldwide fans got the best news. The makers announced the Splatoon 3 video game by launching a teaser.

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A famous Twitter leaker, @SamusHunter2 shared some secrets about the release date. If you trust the rumors, then you can hope to get the game as early as 18th March. But he also said that there can be delays since there were many reorganizations due to covid.

Trailer of Splatoon 3

Now, for the trailer, the gamers were lucky to get more than one trailer. Firstly, there was an introduction video that showed Salmon Run Mode’s adversaries that were displayed throughout the trailer. It is called the Salmonids.

The September 23rd, 2021 Nintendo Direct session also reveals a lot about Splatoon 3. You will also become aware of Turf War’s latest special assaults. 

In short, the new Splatoon 3 looks quite similar to Splatoon 2. But still, you will get new weapons, an ink bow along with unique abilities, and even an exciting apocalyptic design. It will introduce a single-player mode that will have the Story title, “Return of the Mammalians”.

On February 17th, 2021, Nintendo Direct declared a late 2022 release. The first trailer was dropped on 24th September 2021.

Game Developer and Producer of Splatoon 3

Nintendo EPD is the brand behind developing this game and you can play the game on Nintendo itself. The producer of the game is Hisashi Nogami. Besides, as it is a third-person shooter game, Hisashi created it in 2015 to keep all the basic elements of a game alive. 

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Back in the month of May 2015, the First Game Series of Splatoon was initially launched in Wi U. Later, the sequel Splatoon 2 was made available to the public in July 2017.

The games have been such a huge hit amongst the gamers and so, the makers decided on releasing the third part. The gaming style, mechanics, and even the soundtrack were loved by all.

As of now, the game has successfully sold almost 16 million colors. The craze is even evident today and thus; the third part is in the making. 

Splatoon 3
Splatoon 3

The Gameplay of Splatoon 3

As mentioned earlier, this is a third-person shooter game and you may have to choose between two options, the Inklings as well as the Octolings.

Ink-shooting weapons have different unique capabilities such as huge paint rollers. The new weapons will introduce squid-like features. So, while using this, the Inklings will instantly transform into a squid form. 

Now, coming to Turf War, there will be two crews consisting of four players. They will battle to cover the maximum area given in the map with their ink color. You can even play this game online, through the online multiplayer game option. This Turf War section will continue for three minutes and you can need to win in the given time frame. 

Given that, each player will have their own set of weapons both secondary as well as special weapons along with the primary weapon. 

Besides, the original single-player campaign is also present in the game. 

With many new introductions and old features, Splatoon 3 is going to be the next big thing. So, stay updated in this space to know more about the release.

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