It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 16 Renewed Till Season 18: Latest Updates About Cast Revealed

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is probably one of the longest-running shows. This American comedy has been running on FX since 4th August 2005. It then started airing on FXX in 2013 when the ninth season was released.

Now, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 16 is set to make another history. The story revolves around the lives of The Gang which consists of egotistical friends who are not only the owners but also operate an Irish bar named Paddy’s Pub which is situated in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Renewal of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

When the show was renewed in May 2020 for the fifteen’s season, it became the oldest live-action comedy that has continued to air in American television history. In fact, it had overtaken The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet that continued for 14 seasons in the period 1952 to 1966. 

Now, the season has got an extension in 2020 December and will be continuing for four more seasons. So, the show is booked till season 18 for sure.  

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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Overview

If you follow the season finale of season 15, it was named “The gang carries a corpse up a mountain”. The friends, Mac, Frank, Dennis, and also Dee visited Charlie when on a hiking trip. But here, the news of Charlie’s father, Shelley‘s death whom he had recently found was announced in this episode. So, the group found a new mission to find an Irish custom for Shelley.

The chaos continued when the group was struggling to take Shelley’s body uphill. One by one everyone got out of the situation and Charlie was the only one left to deal with the mess. But at last, the gang came for help with their Ford to help Charlie and his father’s corpse. The hiking trip then was continued into a trip to Ireland and they all were back in America. 

As the study seems to end here, season 16 will be full of new comedy, stories, crises, and a lot of drama. The gang always ends up in a tricky situation and we know that season 16 will be no different. So, let’s look forward to the upcoming release. 

Philadelphia season 16
Philadelphia season 16

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Release Date 

We have already revealed that the sitcom has been renewed till season 18 in 2020. The scripts may have been written but the production and post-production work consumes a lot of time.

As per reports, the previous season started its filming in May 2021 and it ended in October. So, for this season, the makers may follow the same routine. The show will air on its usual channel, FXX.

Now, the release date will probably air in November or December 2022. The exact date hasn’t been revealed yet but this is the usual time when the episodes are usually released. 

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Cast

The popular cast requires no introduction. The faces are known but will there be any new addition? What about the existing casts, will they return? 

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So, the original cast will be back and no one will be missing. We can see the very funny Charlie Day playing Charlie Kelly, Glenn Howerton for the role of Dennis Reynolds, and even Rob McElhenney as Ronald McDonald. Besides, Kaitlin Olson can be seen as Deandra Reynolds and Danny DeVito will play the role of Frank Reynold.

New additions who may appear for certain minutes or an episode or two can be seen in the next season.

The fans of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Cast are happy to get more installments of this extremely funny show. But as the date is still undecided, we will update you as soon as we get any information. Who is ready for all the new seasons?

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