A Judge Is Told by a Capitol Rioter That He Has Lost a Six-figure Job, His Retirement, and His Credit Rating

The 6th January Capitol Insurrection remains one of the greatest American tragedies as riots broke havoc on the White House demanding a turnover of the elections and questioning the legitimacy of Biden’s presidency.

The investigation of the insurrection created deep trouble for the Trump administration, as white house records and other sensitive data were demanded by the National Archives to probe the root cause and gather evidence on who was involved in the incident.

While investigations are underway, the former President was seen frustrated overturning in documents and demanded executive privilege which was denied by Biden.

This fuelled the rift further and since we are well aware Biden and Trump don’t get along this will be a rather intense standoff. But looks like the riots left their adverse effect on not just officials but the general public as well. 

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How Did Richard Barnard Suffer From Participating in the Insurrection?

After pleading guilty to participating in the  Capitol uprising by parading and picketing, Richard Barnard attended his sentence hearing on Friday. While addressing the judge, Barnard bemoaned his tragic loss which he said the court will never be able to compensate for.

Capitol rioter
Capitol rioter

This January 6th incident happened alongside the riots where Barnard was accompanied by Jeffrey Witcher, Marine Corps veteran, who violated the restricted access to a Capitol building.

What Were Their Charges?

 As per the Courthouse News Service, the pleas are recurring among other nonviolent rioters. FBI got a hold of video evidence of Barnard and Witcher who erroneously thought they had accessed the White House and were seen exclaiming that they are in the White House and they finally did it.

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Many other Capitol rioters thought they had broken into the White House which was the residence of President Trump at the time. Witcher and other protesters are seen exclaiming loud chants saying “ is our house! And you are us”.

Witcher defended his participation saying he believed it would be a peaceful protest and allow the voices of the public to be heard and provide a safe channel for free speech and further debate.

Barnard spoke to the FBI agents and shared he felt good in the beginning upon entering the Congressional Building but once he was inside the experience went downhill. Both the rioters allowed the agents to probe for evidence and said that they respect the law and want to be held accountable as per their actions. A Friday hearing revealed that Barnard was given his sentence alongside Witcher of 12-month probation. 


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