After a Last-place Finish, a US-born Skater Who Defected to Team China Was Blasted

Chinese Olympic supporters exploded on social media, enraged that California-born skater Zhu Yi defected to China for the games, only to finish dead last in her debut for Team China.

Yi, who gave up her U.S. citizenship to become a Chinese citizen to compete in the communist regime’s genocidal Olympics, finished with the lowest score for the whole event in Beijing on Saturday, according to the Daily “Mail.”

The 19-year-old received a paltry 47.04 after collapsing against the wall after falling to the frozen dihydrogen monoxide on her initial coalescence triple flip-triple toe-loop leap. Unfortunately, Yi also messed up her triple loop a few minutes later.

The American-born skater has been trying to build a name for herself in China’s skating scene since 2018 when she changed her name to something more “Chinese-sounding,” renounced her U.S. citizenship, and declared her ambition to compete in the Chinese Olympics.

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“I’m unhappy and a bit concerned,” Zhu said to the press following her poor performance. “I tallied again last night to see how many points I needed to score today to help my team progress.”

“I believe I felt a lot of pressure since I knew everyone in China was astonished by the cull for ladies’ singles, and I wanted to show them what I was capable of achieving, but sadly, I didn’t,” she explained. 

Despite her efforts, Yi is nevertheless chastised for not being proficient in Mandarin, despite being born to a dyad of Chinese nationals residing in the United States at the time of her birth.

And now that her Olympic debut has been such a catastrophe, critics are even more outspoken in their condemnation. The term “Zhu Yi has fallen” quickly began trending on Weibo, China’s equivalent of Twitter.

US Born Skater
US Born Skater

And many admirers began blasting her for false patriotism, especially because she speaks English rather than Mandarin in many of her social media videos. One Weibo critic called Yi a “disgrace,” another said she was only chosen for the squad because her father was a scientist, yet another slammed her verbalization.

The Harsh Criticism Faced Online

“Do you dare to skate for China?” You can’t even compete with a newbie.” Zhu Yi isn’t the first American athlete who deserted China’s Olympic teams. Three more Americans deserted Team USA and joined the communist juggernaut.

In one case, 19-year-old Olympic freeskier Eileen Gu was born in California but joined the communists, exactly like Yi. Cu has also changed her name to a more acceptable Chinese one, yet she appears to feel she may be a dual citizen of the United States and China and the U.S.

Chinese governmental entities have not yet agreed to that idea. Olympic Hockey also saw Americans desert from their native country to join the Red Chinese.

Jake “Chelios,” the son of NHL star Chris “Chelios,” moved to Beijing in 2019 to play for the China-owned Kunlun Red Star in the KHL, and he is currently aiming for a spot on the Chinese Olympic Hockey squad. On Team China, Chelios was partnered by former NHL goalkeeper Jeremy Smith.

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The Skater Expresses Her Response

After the race, the 19-year-old struggled to fight back the tears as she conveyed her regret. “I’m disappointed and a bit ashamed,” she said.

“I believe I felt a lot of pressure since I knew everyone in China was astonished by the pick for women’s singles, and I wanted to show them what I was capable of, but I didn’t.” I was disappointed that I couldn’t do better and assist [China] during this team event, but I’m thankful to have them and have them rooting for me.”


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