“Russian Attack Is a “Very Distinct” Possibility, According to the WH National Security Adviser”

As relations between Russia and the United States continue to get strained, Jake Sullivan, White House National Security Advisor, warns that there is a strong likelihood Ukraine could get attacked by Russia any day now.

Jake Sullivan talked about the uncertainty of actions employed by Russia in an interview with Martha Raddatz of ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday. He warned that there is a highly probable chance Vladimir Putin will launch a military strike against Ukraine.

By deciding to deploy military positions, Putin is thoroughly prepared for an aggressive strike against Ukraine and this could happen anytime. Sullivan also addressed America’s stance on de-escalation and advocating for diplomacy while working alongside allies. Whatever Russia’s course of action may be, the US is well prepared. 

What Will Happen if Putin Opts for Escalation?

If Vladimir opts to escalate, Ukrainians will pay a high price in terms of human lives but this will, with time,  prove to result in a high strategic cost for him. According to ABC News, Putin has deployed 70 percent of his forces in preparation for a full-scale war on Ukraine.

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The news was revealed after American troops arrived in Poland on the weekend to reassure NATO members on Joe Biden’s behest.

As the US pushes for a diplomatic settlement, Martha Raddatz challenged Sullivan that the impression left by US force deployments is contrary to a diplomatic settlement as 1700 US troops have landed in Poland who are among the 3000 that will be deployed among others that have been dispatched to Germany as well.

Is this giving the impression of peace and de-escalation? 

Why Are Us Troops Deployed in Poland?

The WH security advisor argued that their stance has from the start been deterrence and diplomacy while cautioning of the possibility of an attack from Russia.

These forces have been dispatched to ensure that Russia is aware of the consequences and sees this action as a clear indication that provided any escalation takes place the US forces will respond stiffly as they are bound by Article 5 to protect the NATO allies.

WH national security
WH national security

He also added that the US is willing to engage in discussions with Russia on European security issues. Ostensibly, Sullivan refrained from revealing any specifics about the certainty of an attack but Sen Marco Rubia claimed it is a“near certainty”. 

Did the WH Security Advisor Make Any Predictions?

After being pressed by Raddatz, the WH security advisor remarked that he will not be making predictions about what will happen in the next few days, but America is nonetheless completely prepared under the supervision of Joe Biden in any case.

He also added that America is prepared to retaliate in a fast and severe manner if Putin proceeds with a military escalation. As the possibility of a peaceful approach by Putin grows dim, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki believes that the prospect of an invasion is no longer “imminent” even though Putin doesn’t seem to have set his stance straight. 

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Will the Us Threat of Sanctions Be Affected by Russia and China’s Relations?

Raddtaz asked Sullivan that since the Olympics in China are in full swing as athletes continue to gather from all over the World, will Putin wait until the games end to launch an attack. Sullivan replied in agreement that it could be a considerable possibility but it is uncertain and can happen soon. And since the United States is at the forefront we cannot rely on unruly assumptions.

They might have a possibility of being true and there could be a variety of reasons for that but we cannot rely on a chance at such an urgent moment. Under President Putin’s supervision, they could very much take action before that timeframe.

The WH security advisor dismissed concerns about China’s partnership with Russia and how it could influence the US threat of sanctions after the Friday meeting of Putin and Xi Jinpiang in Beijing. sanctions. 

“China is a global economic superpower. Is it possible that this will jeopardize your plans for harsh sanctions?” Raddatz was the one who inquired. 

China, as per Sullivan, is not in a position to provide compensation for Russia for the economic losses that would result from U.S sanctions. This is the common analysis as per Europeans and the US, and this is well understood by Russians and Chinese as well.

He went on to add that China would bear the cost in the “world’s eyes.” if it assists Russia. The situation has become tense and only time will reveal what the consequences will be and how the situation will evolve for all the parties involved.

Hopefully, a peaceful discourse can be made to resolve the situation but given Putin’s reputation, this is hardly accounted for. Let’s hope the tensions subside quickly. 

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