Sid Toy Story: Will it Release? Toy Story 4 Producer Responds to the Theory

Toy Story is one of the most popular animated franchises from Pixar that made our childhood worth living.

Fans got so used to the characters, Woody, Jessies, Buzz Lightyear, Bo Peep, Rex, Aliens, and all other characters that there were four Toy Story movies and multiple spin-offs.

But one character that audiences took more interest in, some specific characters to be precise, and Sid, from Toy Story 1 & 3 was one of those. However, many fans did sympathize with Sid and guess what this has led to one of the most popular fan theories.

But the question is, did Sid Toy Story get his spin-off film? Well, it seems like this isn’t going to happen. You can call Sid to be the most hated character but later it did melt the fans’ hearts. 

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Quick Recap of Sid’s Life in Toy Story

Now, what’s the story of Sid? In Toy Story, when we first saw Sid, fans could stop hating him. He was a kid who was a sociopath or an adolescent, whatever you think is better. The boy was seen torturing the toys.

He often blew his toys, put the toys on fire, ruthlessly dissected them, and did many horrendous things. Do you recall the giant baby head? It looks nothing short of nightmarish.

At last, we see how Woody scared him to be nice with the Toys and that did affect him. He was seen running away from the toys after learning that they are alive and we didn’t see him until Toy Story 3 happened.  

We know that Pixar wants us to find the Easter Eggs and since it. In Toy Story 3 we see a garbage man who is believed to be Sid. How do the fans know that? Well, he was wearing a skull T-shirt and you know what Pixar is hinting at.

Sid Toy Story
Sid Toy Story

So, it was clear that Sid was present as a garbage man, and many thought that he rightly deserved so. Well, this isn’t a glamorous position that one would love to do daily. 

However, a Reddit user named London garbage man has come up with a different story that had shown Sid in a different light. So, what was that theory? 

The Theory About Sid, the Garbageman

This theory has gained a lot of traction and it turned out to be one of the best Toy Story theories of all time. 

We are just briefing the theory as stated by the Reddit user, London garbage man. The theory stated that after Sid found out about the Toys being alive in Toy Story 1, he was taken aback.

So, 15 years later he chose to be a local garbage man as seen in Toy Story 3. You may ask, what’s so special about being a garbage man? We may say nothing, but one of the benefits of a garbageman is to find a lot of things and sometimes items that we never thought to be alive.  

As the Reddit user is a garbage man himself, he finds many things including Legos, Barbies, etc. So, is the reason Sid became a garbage collector was to save the toys? 

He even went on to say, “Now, let’s imagine you’re a guy who just learned that inanimate objects are alive. What job would you get?”, “Sid isn’t f–ked up and working a crappy job. He’s trying to save them. He is trying to save the toys.

He picked the one kind of job where you can rescue those things. And Sid is uniquely equipped to fix those toys that he finds that are broken. He’s pretty damn creative.”

So, maybe, this isn’t Sid’s punishment but his choice. Maybe it’s his life goal to save the old and broken toys. If you closely look at the scene, you will notice that Sid isn’t looking miserable, sad, or stuck in this job. He may have chosen this for fixing his wrongdoing. 

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Can this be a poetic end to Sid’s story?

Will There Be a Film Based on Sid’s Life?

Jonas Rivera is the producer of the hit Toy Story 4 and he addressed the popular theory that has gone viral.  

River said, “Wow, that’s cool. Maybe I should confirm it or something because it’s too cool to let go of….”

Then he also confirmed that the theory isn’t right.  He said that the team kept a lot of past objects in Toy Story 4 just to build a connection. Plus, they were also wanted to introduce new characters by letting go of the past.

It is safe to say that the theory of Sid and even a film dedicated to Sid were canceled. In the future, there might be changes but as of now, there are no new updates.


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