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7 Little Johnstons’ Season 11 Release Date Status: Announced or Cancelled by TLC?

The premiering of 7 Little Johnstons on TLC took everyone by a wild sense of surprise and created an enormous buzz among the audience. Everyone was extremely excited to finally witness a story that involves genuine and unique people from everyday normal life.

The exceptional reality show features Trent and Amber Johnstons, who in reality are little people. The show also features five other kids who have dwarfism. The show made its debut back in 2015 and now has been airing for years.

Therefore, there is anticipation as each one of us wants to know whether or not Season 11 of 7 Little Johnstons is in production. Is there going to be another remarkable season for all of us? We have all the details for you!

7 Little Johnstons: Poor Performance of Season 10

The TLC audience has grown attached to the Johnstons family because of their strong television presence for the past seven years. The show has gained genuine love and appreciation and has become a household name for how it depicts wholesomeness, honesty, and difficult times through its story.

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The members of the show might differ from each one of you in terms of height, but their day-to-day struggle is very relatable for the audience and has gained popularity over the years. 

But, the latest season that aired did not receive such a strong response or viewership from the viewers. Season 10 was not as successful in making its place in the hearts of people as the previous seasons. Therefore, the channel has not given any confirmation about 7 Little Johnstons being renewed for another season. 

Now, very recently, two cast members of the show, Emma and Anna Johnstons have given us the hint about the Season 11 renewal, just what we have long been waiting for.

The sisters were seen dancing in an Instagram reel and announced that their family is reuniting and returning to the TV screens even sooner than expected. Even after the poor performance of Season 10, the faithful fans are already buzzing with excitement after this news.

7 Little Johnstons Season 11

7 Little Johnstons Cast

Like the previous seasons, all the members of the Johnstons family including the parents, Trent and Amber, and their kids, Emma, Jonah, Anna, Elizabeth, and Alex will be most probably seen in the anticipated upcoming season.

The loyal die-hard fans are eager to see the kids but they do not feel the same about the parents though. The fans feel that Amber differentiates between her biological children and adopted kids and treats them differently. Her husband, Trent was not subjected to any hate from the audience but they think he is boring. 

What to Expect from Season 11? What will happen?

Season 10 of 7 Little Johnstons left us with a huge cliffhanger. The journey of the family went under various developments with main focus on kids, like Anna, Jonah, and Elizabeth leaving their parents’ place and starting to live independently to enjoy their college life to the fullest.

Trent also left his job and began working at a car dealership. To save her job as a teacher, Amber decided to go back to college and get a certified degree. The family also interacted with a Finnish boy, Joose, who will be staying with them for an exchange program so it is highly likely that he will be a part of Season 11. 

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7 Little Johnstons Cast Release Date

Emma and Anna confirmed in their Instagram reel that the show is all set to come back to our Television screens and entertain us again. The reality show has aired for seven years and the network is bringing it back to us in March 2022.

The trailer will be released soon in the coming weeks. The date is not yet confirmed or announced but whenever it will be, you will be informed. Stay tuned and be ready for another hit season of your favorite 7 Little Johnstons.

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