Gold Rush Season 12 Release Date Spoilers & Updates 2022

Ever since its release, Gold Rush has made fans fall in love with the adventure and journey of the modern-day gold diggers. It brings out the stories of people who traveled to California from different parts of the world in search of gold.

While these events happened in the 19th century, the Gold Rush discovery is showing the adventures of the modern-day men who still have the spirits of excavation alive. 

In recent times, the story is slightly different from before. With Gold Rush, Discovery is telling the stories of gold-diggers who have superior kinds of machinery and team with them.

Although in the old times, these enthusiastic travelers used to depend on a pickaxe and tin plate, currently they have massive crews and machinery to help them. Parker Schnabel, Rick Ness, and Tony Beets are among the notable crews who are trying out their luck in the barren landscapes.

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The setup, the challenges, success, and failures surrounding the discovery of gold from the ground create an incredible amount of drama.  

Participants of the Gold Rush live by one concept and one concept only, as long as there is gold on the earth, they are going to dig for it. 

There is no concrete news yet surrounding season 12 of Gold Rush but fans and experts are certain the official announcements are going to come soon. The series is hugely popular around the globe and rumors about season 12 have started pouring in from all corners.

Gold Rush Season 12
Gold Rush Season 12

When Will It Be Released?

Looking back at the track record of Gold Rush, almost every season has premiered during the fall. Although during season 11, the Covid19 pandemic was at its high, the season didn’t encounter any possible delays. Both the film crew and the miners could successfully get into Canada, thereby making it possible for them to film season 11. 

With season 12 as well, the miners are not ready to do any delays. Though the pandemic is still raging across the globe, the price of gold is also going up each day.

Miners are not going to get delayed because of the pandemic in any way as they are deemed as Essential Workers. With everything happening on the track and both the miners and film crews getting the job done, Gold Rush season 12 is slated to premiere on September 24, 2022.

More Information on the Cast and Locations

Just like the release date, fans are eagerly waiting to have proper information on the cast of the new season. In season 12, we will be able to see the main miners like Parker Schnabel, Fred Dodge, Chris Doumit come back.

They have been a part of the series since the very beginning. We can also expect to see the likes of Tony Beets and Rick Ness in the cast of the new season.

In a recent Facebook post, Leese M Arie who is the girlfriend of Rick Ness said she will be present in Canada alongside Ness. It’s not clear yet whether she will be a part of the miner’s crew or not but more news on the cast and crew can be known once the new season is released.

If we are concerned about the location for the new season, we got more insights from the same post of Leese M Arie. In her post, she used two hashtags “goodbyewisconsin” and “hellocanada”.

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What we can take from this post is that the miners are going to dig into the grounds of Canada, we are still unsure about the exact locations. Information on the exact location will only be revealed when the season is aired.

Canada, however, has proven to be a high-yielding location in past and the miners are certain that there is more amount of gold left in the grounds of Canada.

Gold Rush has continued to be one of the most popular shows of Discovery. In 2020, it earned the title of most-watched unscripted series for men, more than any other show in the broadcast network. With the success it has earned, we can be sure Gold Rush is not going out anytime soon.


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