Nancy Drew Spin-Off Named as ‘Tom Swift’: Know everything about Plot, Cast, Streaming & More

In October 2020, The CW confirmed their secret project that was not so secret after they announced it to the world. Melinda Hsu Taylor, Cameron Johnson, and even Noga Landau joined the team to co-create a Nancy Drew spin-off, Tom Swift.

There are a couple of other executive producers who are in the project namely The Fake Empire’s Josh Schwartz, Lis Rowinski, and even Stephanie Savage. It was The Fake Empire that produced the main series revolving around the character Nancy Drew and it started to air in 2019. 

But as the new project is already under construction, makers are super excited to show their newest vision through Tom Swift. Will it match the standards of the previous shows of the studio? Or will it fail to make an impression? Well, let’s dig into the details. 

Tom Swift: Is It Going to Be Released Soon?

Sadly, neither the network nor The CW has confirmed the release date till now. But according to Variety reports, this series will be released in 2022. As the production had started in 2020, we can hope that it has ended by now. Once it is totally wrapped up, the show will commence on your screens. 

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Tom Swift Plot 

The story needs to be iconic to draw the attention of the viewers. This Nancy-Drew spin-off needs to be as good as the original Nancy Drew series.

The series will be about the adventures of a rich millionaire inventor. In fact, the series is going to be based on the 1910 novels. Recently, in 2019, a new series with the name Tom Swift was published by Simon & Schuster, a popular publishing house. 

Now, in spite of being a relatively new concept, the show has already got fans, the Nancy Drew fans to be specific. Confused? Well, do you remember the episode of ‘The Celestial Visitor’ that was a part of the second season?

It was here the Nancy Drew series presented the character in front of the audience. Also, it was the pilot for the series Tom Swift. So, the audiences are already introduced to the upcoming series and you may have not noticed as well until now.

Tom Swift
Tom Swift

So, what about the plot? The story is about a boy who is out on an adventure after his father mysteriously disappeared. As a matter of fact, he will be drawn to a world that is full of scientific conspiracies where unexplainable phenomena take place.

To discover what happened to his father and to know more about this world, the protagonist chose quite a different path from his rich and luxurious life. In this quest, his brilliant mind will come to his aid. We just have to wait a little longer to find out more.

Tom Swift Cast 

Matching the characters to specific actors is certainly a hard task. There must be precision so that the actor suits his/her given character well. For the lead character or the protagonist, we are going to see Titan Richards.

You have already seen him in Nancy Drew Season 2. The actor gained fame from films like The Immortal Life of Henrietta and also many popular TV series such as the Outcast, Being Mary Jane, etc. Riverdale’s Josie McCoy will be playing Zenzi Fullerton, Tom’s childhood best friend.

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Further information about the cast is still not known. But during an interview, the creators said to Entertainment a weekly that a character named Nick will play a vital role in Tom’s lift. But who is going to play this character? We still don’t know that. Above all, we will see Kennedy McMann, the lead actress of Nancy Drew in more than one episode of this series.

The details about streaming, the number of episodes, or any other information are still not made public. Besides, the trailer is even yet to be released. For now, you get the details that the makers want to share.

Once all other updates regarding the remaining cast members, release date, and more are available, you will know what to expect and when to expect. What’s your opinion? Will this series be as epic as the original Nancy Drew series? We hope that it does.


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