Rosala Announces The Release Date of Her Album “MOTOMAMI”, Drops “SAOKO” Single

Madre mía, Rosalía’s new album, Motomami, is on the cards. The third project of the Spanish singer-songwriter is set to come out next month as she announced the release of a new single titled “Saoko.”

The song’s hook samples Wisin and Daddy Yankee’s 2004 reggaeton successful “Saoco,” titled for a Puerto Rican slang word that does not translate directly to English, but has to do with style and taste or things Rosalía knows well. 

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Where Can We Watch the Official Video of Saoko?

Rosalía comes back this week with the official video for “Saoko,” the second single of her much-awaited studio album named Motomami. On February 4, 2022, Rosalía dropped an official video of Saoko and here is the link to watch the video.

When Is the Release Date of the Album Motomami?

Rosalía has confirmed that the album named Motomami will be released on March 18.

Motomami follows Rosalía’s 2018 flamenco-pop album El Mal Querer, together with several one-off singles such as 2019’s “Con Altura” and “Aute Cuture.” The forthcoming album also features Rosalía’s partnership with The Weeknd, “La Fama.”

Days before the rollout of “Saoko,” she also debuted the album art, showing her with nothing put on except a motorcycle helmet. Saoco, papi, saoco.

With Valentin Petit serving as director, the visual shows the Spanish artist taking over the city streets together with her all-women biker gang. The video is supposed to perfectly show the spirit of Motomami, which has themes such as grit, vulnerability, strength, vicious femininity, and bravery.

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In a statement, Rosalía said “If you notice, the lyrics revolve around the same concept: transformation,” adding further “Every phrase is an image of transformation. Celebrating transformation, celebrating change.

Celebrating that you are always yourself even though you are in constant transformation or even that you are you more than ever at the very moment you are changing.”


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