Chrono Cross Remaster With a New Appearance: Official Release Date Revealed and Latest Updates About Gameplay

You may think that there are many such role-playing games, what makes this so exclusive? Well, it’s the inventive characters, the fascinating dimension-hopping story, and the amazing music that stayed stuck in the gamers’ minds.

It was released in 1999 and gamers still couldn’t forget the intriguing concept of the game. Good news for the Chrono Cross fans, the Chrono Cross Remaster is scheduled for release and you need to trust us when we say that it’s epic. Square Enix has confirmed about the remaster and it got the title Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition.  

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Even if you haven’t played the original version, the remaster will make you fond of the game. The updated version will show why this game has been a favorite since the day it was released.  

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreams Release Date and Platforms 

The announcement surprised the gamers but the release date added to their excitement. You do not have to wait for another day as the Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreams Edition will be released as soon as on 7th April 2022. Yes, it’s just a wait of two months and then you can be a part of this amazing journey.  

Chrono Cross Remaster
Chrono Cross Remaster

Square Enix has confirmed the news through their official Twitter and said, “Another world, another destiny. The legendary Chrono Cross returns in The Radical Dreamers Edition for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and Steam on April 7th.”

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The original game of Chrono Cross was initially released on Super Famicom. Now, The Radical Dreams Edition will be available on popular platforms like Xbox One, PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, and even Switch. So, you will be testing the potential of the games on the best platforms of the current era.  

Is Pre-order Available?

Of course, such an iconic game makes a return, and the pre-order option should be there. If you are willing to order and get it before others, you can do it online. It is available on Nintendo e-shop, Square Enix’s website, and even Steam. However, the retail price isn’t disclosed yet and there is no update about pre-order bonuses. So, once any update is available, you will be the first one to know.  

What Will Be New About Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreams?

A bit of comparison with the old version will help you to have a clear perspective. Like the original series, the Element system of consumables along with magic will be available for defeating the enemies. Besides, Serge and Lynx, you will have 40 characters that you will find in these mind-twisting dreams. You will come across different dimensions as well as timelines. The gamers can pick their characters and even shape their stories.  

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However, the graphics have become crisper and way more high quality. When you will play in the PlayStation original, you can spot the difference. Besides, new additions such as turning off enemy encounters are introduced. One can even enhance the soundtrack accordingly.

There might be new role-playing characters as well but all the updates are still not clear. Well, it is not surprising that there will be many different changes but it seems like creators want to keep it a secret as long as possible.

The mesmerizing plot and the satisfaction of role-playing give the gamers a superior feel. Only the announcement has been officially made but the plot, gameplay, and all other features are still left to be revealed.

We are waiting for the upcoming releases and so are the game lovers. So, how much are you excited about this new update of an original game?


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