Forecasting Love and Weather Release Date, Trailer and latest information

Netflix’s next big hit K-drama is almost all set for its premiere! The show is titled “Forecasting Love and Weather” and is scheduled to launch very soon on the platform. But there have been many rumors about its plot.

In the following article, you’ll read all about it also about their credibility. To know more about the upcoming show’s release date, plot, trailer, and other details continue reading the article! 

The show will feature all hit actors. For now, the core cast includes; Park Min-young, Song Kang, Yoon Park, and Yura. Directed by Cha Young-hoon, the series focuses on the story of people working at the Korea Meteorological Administration.

The employees there all have interesting love lives and the show will make sure to give us the best version of them. But these love stories are not usual ones! Instead, there are weird complications and strange plot twists to the story. 

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Back in 2021, the buzz around the series became more evident as the director and the writer made more definite plans about the show. Shortly after that we also received the main cast members which made it clear that Forecasting Love and Weather is now confirmed for its release! 

Forecasting Love and Weather Release Date

Forecasting Love and Weather will release on Netflix on February 12, 2022. Like all K-dramas, it will also follow the weekly schedule. All-new episodes will come out weekly on Saturdays and Sundays. For international audiences, the series will be available on Netflix and it will also feature on JTBC!

The show will air for around 8 weeks and it will consist of 16 episodes in total! The final episode will launch on Sunday, April 3rd, 2022. And each episode has an average screen time of around 60 minutes. 

Forecasting Love and Weather
Forecasting Love and Weather

Forecasting Love and Weather Cast

The confirmed cast of Forecasting Love and Weather consists of the following actors and their respective characters:

  • Park Min-young as Jin Ha-kyung

He is 34 years old, the general forecaster of the 2nd Division of Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA).

  • Song Kang as Lee Shi-woo

She is 27 years old and is in charge of Special Reporting Division 2 of KMA.

  • Yoon Park as Han Ki-joon

He is 34 years old, the informant of KMA’s spokesperson’s office.

  • Yura as Chae Yoo-jin

She is 25 years old, a weather reporter for a daily newspaper.

The other supporting cast members are also equally as talented. 

  • Lee Seong-Wook as Eom Dong-Han
  • Moon Tae-yu as Shin Seok-ho
  • Yoon Sa-bong as Oh Myung-joo
  • Chae Seo-eun as Kim Soo-jin
  • Kwon Hae-Hyo as Ko Bong-chan
  • Bae Myung-jin as Park Joo-moo
  • Lee Tae-gum as a local weather forecaster
  • Kim Mi-kyung as Bae Soo-ja
  • Jeong Woon-soon as Jin Tae-Kyung
  • Jang So-yeon as Lee Hyang-rae
  • Lee Seung-Joo as Bomi Um

Forecasting Love and Weather Plot

Jin Ha Kyung has isolated herself at the Korea Meteorological Administration, Korea’s national weather forecast service. Unlike other employees, she prefers being private and keeping her life hidden from others. And she does all this by her own choice!

But everything changes once the high-spirited Lee Shi Woo comes to the forecasting company. He somehow manages to impress Jin Ha Kyung which melted her heart away. And then starts their love story! But of course, it isn’t this simple. There will be more to the story which we’ll find out once the show premieres on Netflix in February!

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Forecasting Love and Weather Trailer 

The official trailer for Forecasting Love and Weather has been revealed by Netflix on YouTube! It will give you a better view of what to expect from the show and the characters.

And the actors are also quite familiar with previous Netflix K-dramas so you’ll eventually fall in love with the series! We only have a few days until its release so there might be some other exciting news too. Hence, stay tuned for more updates on the show! 


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