The Wheel Of Time Season 3 Release Date And Updates?

Based on the bestselling fantasy series from Robert Jordan the show has one successful season. But there have been speculations about the third season which is reportedly coming out very soon.

Both seasons premiered on Amazon Prime so if The Wheel of Time Season 3 makes the final cut it will also launch there. To know more regarding the upcoming installment continue reading the article!

Although the fans who got interested in the show because of it being an adaptation were not quite satisfied by it, we might still see the third season happening because its viewership numbers were really impressive.

And with Rosamund Pike serving as one of the main characters, the show is not meant to flop! The series has 14 books in it! So, there is plenty of content for the creators to base the third season on. But this will only happen if they are willing to continue with the show. 

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The story revolves around Moiraine as she leads a group of four young people — Rand, Mat, Perrin, and Egwene when they go on an unusual journey. The fictional world is set in such a way that only women have the free pass of using magic whereas men are not allowed to and if they do use magic they’ll consequently go insane.

Moiraine is a member of one powerful group of women magicians called “Aes Sedai”. She is a woman of strange beliefs. According to her, one of her companions is secretly a dragon which makes him the prophesied hero who’ll either save the world or end up destroying it.

And Moiraine is not the only one who is in search of this hero many evil people are after him. So, if you are interested in watching fantasy series about strange magic then you should watch “Wheel of Time ”. Which is now available for streaming on Amazon Prime!

The sequel to the show is not even out yet and fans have already started questioning about the third season. Well if you are one such fan then you’re in the right place because we have covered all updates regarding Wheel of Time in detail! So, let’s begin. 

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The Wheel Of Time Season 3 Release Date

The first season of Wheel of Time was a major hit. Hence the renewal for the second season was announced shortly after 6 months.

Hopefully, if the sequel also fares well you can expect it to premiere somewhere in 2023. We are not sure if the filming for the third season has begun yet but it won’t come out earlier than 2023. 

Vernon Sanders, the head of Amazon Studios had some interesting views on the future of The Wheel of Time. When asked about the fate of the show after the first season he replied:

“We’re fans of the show, and as episodes came in and we saw the level of craftsmanship, and as we continued to talk to [showrunner] Rafe [Judkins] about where future seasons would go, we felt confident that we had something that could go for a very long time for us.

These are giant investments, so obviously we spent quite a bit of time making sure we were making the right choice here, but it continues to pay off for us. All credit to Rafe and his incredible team, and the cast led by Rosamund [Pike as Moiraine].”

Moreover, he also mentioned that Amazon Prime has some very big shoes in the production phase right now. So, don’t be shocked if the second season comes out after Lord of The Rings’ release. As the sequel does not have a release date yet we don’t have one for the third season either. 

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The Wheel Of Time Season 3 Cast

For the cast of The Wheel of Time Season 3, you can expect the majority of the cast members to return to their respective roles. However, Barney Harris won’t return because he has some privacy issues with the studio. In his place, you’ll now be seeing Donal Finn. 

We can’t say anything definite about the cast of the third season but we can say surely about who’ll feature in the sequel. For the second season, Rosamund Pike will return as Moiraine. There have been certain additions to the cast as well! They include: 

  • The Amazing World of Emma’s Ceara Coveney as Guy Roberts
  • Broadchurch’s Meera Syal as Arnas Fedaravicius 
  • Peaky Blinders star Natasha O’Keeffe as Gregg Chilingiriain 

The finale was not so good for Loial. And many are even expecting that he might not be able to make it. But there is nothing to worry about as Rafe revealed in an interview:

“Loial is not dead. He is alive and well and shooting in Prague. I wanted people to be a little on their toes because real deaths are coming for characters that don’t die in the books. We have to because we can’t hold 2,000 series regulars through multiple seasons. It’s coming, and I want people to emotionally prepare themselves. The thought that Loial might be gone will hopefully start to get people emotionally prepared, but I couldn’t. He’s my favorite.”

The Wheel Of Time Season 3 Plot

There are no plot details for The Wheel of Time Season 3 yet. However, stay tuned to find out about it! 

The Wheel Of Time Season 3 Trailer 

Amazon Prime has not released any official trailers for the third season either! 

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