Z Nation Season 6 Release Date & Confirmation on Netflix!

There has been a rumor about Z Nation Season 6 finally coming out on Netflix but how true is this news? And if so, when will it be released? Moreover, the show might even come on Syfy so if you don’t have a Netflix subscription there is nothing to worry about. 

The show is directed by Karl Schaefer and Craig Engler, composed by Jason Gallagher, and first premiered back in 2014. It has come a long way and hopefully, this journey won’t end soon. Based on a zombie apocalypse the story has the perfect mix of all genres. So, if you’re into apocalyptic shows which do not solely focus on the zombie part you should watch Z Nation. 

The story is set 3 years after the attack. The zombie virus has already destroyed the world and only a few who survived are now in survival mode. They are not safe and they’ll never be! There is an outbreak of a strange virus that has already wiped half the population and while the other half is still alive they can get infected very easily.

But there is one person who can take everyone out of their misery. He is a former convict whose body has special antibodies to fight the zombie virus. Hence a team headed by Lieutenant Warren takes the grave responsibility of trying to send him safely to the only lab set in California.

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He is their only hope. But will he make it? And even if he does, how will the people come to terms with this catastrophe? Well for all these questions it looks like you’ll have to stream the show. 

Before you expect anything positive regarding the 6th season. Let it be known that the show might even get canceled. This cancellation can happen due to several unfortunate reasons.

First of all the 6th season lacks the budget for getting renewed. Moreover, the viewership and ratings have been quite low which is not favorable for the renewal of the show. Hence do not keep high expectations. The sudden deaths of actors and their unavailability is not a positive factor either. 

Z Nation Season 6
Z Nation Season 6

Z Nation Season 6 Release Date

Unfortunately, Z Nation Season 16 will never make the final cut. Because it has already been canceled by the creators. This news was delivered in the following words: “We wanted to tell you face to face… that we were not renewed for Season 6. “We’re stopping at Season 5. We’re very sad, but we’re also really grateful for the opportunities that we had on the show”.

So it turns out the news about the 6th season was nothing but blatant rumors! However, nothing to get sad over as there is still a prequel series in the making. So, we’ll be getting some sort of content related to Z Nation. 

Z Nation Season 6 Cast

We are lucky enough to have the confirmed list of cast and characters which will be there in Z Nation Season 6. The following are their names:

  • Kellita Smith
  • DJ Qualls
  • Michael Welch
  • Keith Allan
  • Anastasia Baranova
  • Russell Hodgkinson
  • Pisay Pao
  • Nat Zang
  • Tom Everett Scott
  • Harold Perrineau
  • Matt Cedeño
  • Emilio Rivera
  • Joseph Gatt
  • Sydney Viengluang
  • Ramona Young
  • Natalie Jongjaroenlarp
  • Holden Goyette
  • Gracie Gillam
  • Henry Rollins
  • Tara Holt
  • Katy O’Brian
  • Mario Van Peebles
  • Lydia Hearst
  • Chris Drohan

Z Nation Season 6 Plot

As Z Nation Season 6 is already canceled there is nothing we can say about its plot. However, if somehow the show gets picked up again (which it will not) the story will most likely be told in the continuity. But it is better to not expect anything from the franchise for now. 

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There is no official trailer for Z Nation Season 6. However, you might find some interesting fanmade ones on YouTube! So, make sure you check them out. Because the show is now canceled we’ll probably never get any sort of footage from it. For more updates stay tuned!


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