Adam Driver, Penelope Cruz & Shailene Woods Will Be Seen in Michael Mann’s Ferrari Biopic

Fans we have got a much-awaited update about the Ferrari biopic and you will love it. Michael Mann’s passion project is a biopic on Enzo Ferrari and it is finally going to happen. A lot of details have been shared and most interestingly, the cast list will shock you.

When it’s about automobile marques, Ferrari steals the spotlight as always. Besides, the founder has been pretty mysterious all his life. He is more of a private man building the best race cars that the world has ever seen. 

After numerous speculations and spending years behind its development, the biopic of Ferrari is finally here. So, who is there in the prestigious cast, and what will be the story about? You have a lot to learn.

Ferrari Upcoming Star Cast

The star-studded cast that has been confirmed will surely provide a cinematic feast for the fans. Adam Driver did a remarkable job in the House of Gucci, another biopic that was mainly about the controversial murder of the famous fashion mogul.

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Now, Adam’s next big project is the Ferrari biopic. To join the crew with fast cars and the vintage fashion of the 1950s is our diva Penelope Cruz. Undoubtedly, the show is going to be all about glamour, race, and an interesting plot.

We will also see Shailene Woodly as one of the mistresses, Lina Lardi. Adam will be playing the iconic Enzo Ferrari and Penelope is going to be his wife Laura. We all are waiting to see the chemistry between such talented actors.

Plus, how beautifully they can depict this real-life story is also going to be noticed. Penelope Cruz was also nominated for Oscars for her role in the film Parallel Mothers. The production will be starting in May and fans cannot wait to see this trio on the big screen.


What Will Be the Plot of Ferrari?

The film’s plot will take us back to the 1957 summer, a glorious time to live in. However, things will take a turn in the couple’s married life after that since their only son Dino was dead. Besides, they also had to file bankruptcy.

During this historic period, Enzo along with his talented drivers planned to enter the Mille Miglia race that will continue 1000 miles throughout Italy. The storyline is nothing short of interesting. There are so many secrets to uncover.

Also, as the race car mogul was a very private person, fans want to know more about what was behind those closed doors. Besides, he also had criminal charges over his head due to the death of his driver. There is a lot of mystery that has not been addressed. With this film, we hope to know a lot more details.

We have already mentioned Driver’s recent biopic film. But let us tell you, even Cruz was seen as Donatello Versace in the Assassination of Gianni Versace. 

When Will Ferrari Biopic Release?

The idea behind this film had been developed over 20 years. So, we just cannot say that the film will wrap up in no time. Director Michael Mann is surely going to take time to create this film to perfection.

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The film is written by Mann himself and also Troy Kennedy Martin. It is adapted from the book, Enzo Ferrari written by Brock Yates. Also, Moto Productions along with PJ van Sandwijk as well as Lohn Lesher will be producing the film. On the other hand, Niels Juul will be the executive producer. So, you know that some epic is on the way. 

Once the production starts, the hype surrounding the film will increase more. The release date and other cast members are still not confirmed. But we are sure, this isn’t going to get ordinary.


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