Disgaea 6 Complete will be releasing this summer: Available on PS5, PS4, and Steam

NIS has Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny is already available in Japan and gamers could play it on Switch as well as PS4. The popularity of the game was evident when we evaluated the gamers’ craze surrounding it.

However, for Western gamers, it was only available on the Nintendo Switch. This was released last year and there were no further updates after that. As of today, the publishers confirmed that Disgaea 6 will soon release on PS5, PS4, and even PC for American fans.  

This DLC game can be considered the first-ever Disgaea game to be available on PS5. The NIS America has confirmed Disgaea 6 Complete will have all the characters along with Disgaea 6 complete. So, you will be having every single character plus cosmetic DLC. The fans cannot wait to explore more of this segment and start gaming in a new way, 

Disgaea 6 Release Date

For this major PS4 and PS5 update, the fans had to wait for almost a year. Now, when the final confirmation has come, the game will be available during summer 2022. Update about the date is still pending but we are hoping to get some news in the near future. This release is also suspected to bring in some changes. For the Steam version, it is still under beta testing. 

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Disgaea 6 Complete Limited Edition

Disgaea fans are getting some limited-edition things that make this release exclusive. If you buy the Limited-Edition release for PS4 or PS5, then you will get certain goodies that others won’t have. As you will be one of those special customers, NIS ensures that you have certain privileges that many others will not have. 

So, what are those special things that you are going to get? 

  •     A complete Deluxe Edition of Disgaea 6 will be available for your PS4 
  •     The exclusive Hardcover Art Book that will show “Behind the Seams”
  •     A detailed 2-disc soundtrack Defiance of Dissonance 
  •     A 17-inches x 24-inches Roll Call & Cloth Poster 
  •     Disgaea 6 Complete and detailed SteelBook
  •     A unique Collector’s Box
  •     Set of 4 Art Cards Designed with Destiny

With so many amazing updates, you will love to have this edition. The retail price of the limited edition available for PS4 as well as PS5 will be $109.99. It is confirmed by the team but the latest updates are just on the way.

Disgaea 6
Disgaea 6

Disgaea 6 Complete Update for Nintendo Switch

Now, with the latest version available, all the DLC games will be updated for being compatible with The Nintendo Switch. This will have a Second Pass that will make the content available for all the gamers on this platform.  

Disgaea 6 Complete Storyline & Gameplay

This is indeed the first entry and there may be more releases coming in the next six years. The story revolves around the character Zed, a zombie who had come out from the horrifying underworld.

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He is triumphant over everything but the God of Destruction is still undefeated. Players will go on a journey where a zombie boy will make changes in the Netherworld. Zed will be seen confronting the God of Destruction and even his minions. 

On the other hand, the gameplay is pretty intriguing. It has premier features such as Super Reincarnation and a good range of 3D character models. These keep your interest in the game and players can explore accordingly. Besides, the gameplay settings can be adjusted to many different levels making this one of a kind experience. 

There are so many new and interesting updates that give a new dimension to the game. Only the release date is yet to be finalized and once it’s out, you will be the first to know. Let’s welcome the new generation game in a new way!


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