The Fast and the Farmer(Ish): When Will the BBC 3 Show Premiere, What Will It Be About, and Who Will Star in It?

BBC Three is not new to different content and this competition show is not different.

If you are ever boggled by just how high octane the world of agriculture is then this one is for you.

The Fast and the Farmer(ish) will release on screens to give a twist on the competition pattern, just don’t believe Vin Diesel driving a combine harvester any time soon.

Here’s everything we know so far regarding The Fast and the Farmer(ish).

What Can We Expect From the Storyline of the Fast and the Farmer(Ish)?

The show will have teams from around the United Kingdom contend against each other to win the crown of Britain’s best tractor driving team.

Teams will compete with each other via a course to get to the finals and win the show.

This comprises everything from ten-pin bowling with a tractor to a karaoke-themed barrier course.

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Fiona Campbell, Controller of BBC Three, stated “You’re not going to see that on any other channel. Everybody has said that is a show they’ve never seen before.”

Heats will be region-based with the first episode featuring the best tractor drivers England has to provide.

There will also be heats for Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales across the series.

Who Stars in the Fast and the Farmer(Ish)?

The competition show will showcase real-life agriculture teams from throughout the country.

In the first episode, an all-female Leicestershire outfit voiced the Diva Drivers will face off Somerset’s Check shirt Choppers.

The Fast and the Farmer
The Fast and the Farmer

The second episode will revolve around Northern Irish teams, with The Bogmen up against the Determinators.

In the third episode, the West Wales Cowboys will take on The Chipmunks in the Welsh semi-final.

Who Hosts the Fast and the Farmer(Ish)?

Full-time farmer and social media star Tom Pemberton will join as host of the show.

Tom is popular among fans for his YouTube channel where he documents life on his Lytham farm.

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When Is the Fast and Farmer(Ish) on?

The show started to air on Wednesday, 9 February 2022 at 9 p.m. on BBC Three.

The show will have seven episodes as part of the series, with episodes premiering every week in the same time slot.

The complete show is also available to watch on BBC iPlayer now.


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