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Walmart Is Making a Big Change That Might Benefit Customers Significantly.

In order to provide a new service that many shoppers may find useful, Walmart has teamed with Angi.

In a joint announcement, the firms stated that they will begin offering home assembly services to Walmart consumers this month, possibly as early as this week. This small gesture may enable the large box retailer to maintain a competitive advantage over its online competitors.

Angi is the website that was originally known as Angie’s List, and it allows users to locate highly-recommended specialists in their region who can help them with repairs, maintenance, and odd jobs around the house.

Now, the company is making that expertise available to Walmart consumers who may require assistance putting anything together that they purchased at the shop. When buying in-store or online at Walmart.com, customers will be able to arrange for assembly service at no additional cost.

Angi professionals can come to their home and assemble the furniture, appliances, or whatever else they’ve purchased on their behalf, at their convenience.

“Angi brings knowledge and highly-rated professionals to our consumers to assist them in getting things done around the house,” stated Darryl Spinks, senior director of retail services at Walmart, in a press statement issued on January 31. The convenience and ease of Angi’s services would be much appreciated by our clients, says the company.

Retailers in the United States should expect the service to be accessible at virtually all of Walmart’s 4,000 locations by the middle of February, according to Walmart. Walmart has stores in all 50 states, and the company believes that Angi can connect it with suitable professionals in every region of the country.

People across the United States are doing more home improvement, maintenance, and repair work since the outbreak began, with many turning to Walmart for the tools and materials they need to get started.

“Since the outbreak began, people have turned to Walmart for the tools and materials they need to get started,” said Angi CEO Oisin Hanrahan.

Projects such as sprucing up an entertaining space with a new smart TV, repainting a nursery in preparation for a family addition, and transforming an outdoor space and adding a patio now project that Walmart customers can get done seamlessly with the help of an Angi pro as part of their Walmart shopping experience.

At the time of the announcement, Walmart and Angi were apparently still working out the specifics of how this cooperation would function between the two of them, according to reports.

In spite of this, both organizations expressed confidence that services will be provided beginning in mid-February. The estimated prices were $49 for furniture assembly and $79 for TV mounting, with further specifics to be announced later.

A search on the Walmart website turned up no results for Angi services as of this writing.

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