A Viral Video Shows Children in Nevada Screaming in Happiness After the Teacher Announced No Mask to School

Pandemic has been hard not only on adults but also on children. The coronavirus pandemic had made mask mandatory. Walking down the street without wearing a mask was considered to be an offense.

But as things are settling down, some countries and states are lifting the rules and ensuring that there is no need to mask up. Undoubtedly, children had suffered the most as two precious years of their childhood were wasted just at home.

They couldn’t meet their friends or have a normal childhood like others. Wearing a mask whenever they have to step outside their house was a kind of nightmare. Recently, a video showed the reaction of children who were happy to hear the news of No Masks Needed.  

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The Vice-Chair & National Committeewoman, Courtney Holland who is a part of Nevada Young Republicans shared a video that showed the original reaction of the students when they learned about the no mask declaration.

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Nevada had recently announced that there isn’t any more mask mandate in schools and when the children of the Las Vegas elementary school found out about it, the reaction compensated for all the years of struggle. 

Courtney Holland tweeted, “Stop what you’re doing and watch this. Kids at a Las Vegas elementary school burst out into cheers after learning they no longer have to wear a mask to school.” 

The video showed the teacher announcing to a room full of students. The teacher said, “Starting tomorrow, we do not have to wear masks anymore”. As soon as the announcement was made, we could see the students screaming and jumping out of happiness.

The 27 seconds video showed the sheer amount of happiness. Though they all were wearing masks in the video, the mandates are soon going to end. At the end of the video, the teacher was seen asking the students, “Are you excited?” and it seems that the children were more than just excited. 

Nevada Screaming in Happiness
Nevada Screaming in Happiness

Since the schools were slowly reopening, children were allowed inside the school premises if only they would wear a mask. To be honest, masks can feel suffocating at times but the situation was not in favor.

Not wearing masks would have made the matters worse as many have lost lives due to covid. So, losing our children to the pandemic will be the last thing we want. 

This change in the decision was announced by the governor, “Masks are not required for students and teachers and employees beginning tomorrow morning.”

It was also declared that the decision will be effective immediately. This came as a surprise but good news to many.  

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What Do the Republicans Have to Say About It?

There were some conservatives who were not happy about the mask mandates. The conservatives have even constantly slammed the Democrats for making such strict rules regarding wearing a mask. It was especially considered to be harmful to children. Besides, it was seen that children had little risk and they aren’t capable of triggering a widespread virus. 

A Republican congressional candidate named Robby Starbuck retweeted Courtney’s post and wrote, “These kids will never vote for a Democrat as long as they live. They’re never going to forget what was done to them.” 

Another Republican congressman, Thomas Massie seemed to have the same kind of view and tweeted, “Heartwarming, but the abuse they’ve endured at the hands of psychotic adults will have lifelong effects.”

The video has had around 4 million views and is still counting. However, it is suggested not to rip off the masks and maintain the rules for the day. No updates are made yet in other parts of the country but it seems like things are slowly changing.

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