Governor Mills’ Stimulus Plan Is Appreciated by Mainers and Supported by Republicans

During her State of the State address Thursday night, Governor Janet Mills recommended returning half of an estimated $822 million excess to Maine taxpaying citizens in the manner of one-time $500 checks.

The idea was first proposed by the Republican state Representative Sawin Millett of Waterford, whom the Governor mentioned in her speech when addressing the proposal.

The Republican state representative and the Appropriations Committee’s ranking member, Sawin Millet of Waterford, said “ “We are absolutely delighted that the governor acknowledged the point that we make as Republicans, which is that Mainers are really struggling in the face of rising inflation,”.

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“We must help them in getting through this difficult time. So we were delighted when she agreed to support the $411 million.” 

When asked about the proposal, several of the Mainers said that they were happy about the proposal. 

Governor Mills' Stimulus Plan
Governor Mills’ Stimulus Plan

Westbrook native Marcus Jabbar stated, “It would be a very needed onus for a lot of people,”. “Things have gotten a lot more expensive, especially here in Maine and in Portland.” 

Susan Lacerte, a Portland resident stated “Tax money comes from the people, so any surplus should be returned to the people”.

More information about the proposal will be available when the governor’s supplemental budget is released on Tuesday. 

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