Joe Rogan Is ‘Unstoppable’ Says Concha: Is Rogan Getting More Famous After Getting Canceled?

Joe Rogan is currently under controversy as many are calling to cancel him and his popular podcast, “political hit job”. The podcast was available on Spotify and soon, the cancellation page of Spotify experienced a higher traffic rate when artists started pulling off their music for standing by Rogan. So what led to such a big fuss? 

Joe Rogan Cancellation

Rogan started his podcast “Joe Rogan Experience” when Spotify bought the show in 2020. It was acquired for a huge amount of $100 million. But things started to quickly escalate when almost 300 doctors, scientists, educators, and even nurses wrote to Spotify regarding canceling Rogan’s show.

All happened in late December when accusations were made that Rogan was spreading misinformation. He even invited controversial guests such as Dr. Robert Malone and there were many opinions that weren’t true at all. 

However, the matter didn’t end here as the UFC analyst was accused of using derogatory words during the past episodes.

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The cancellation of Rogan started when a compilation video surfaced showing Rogan using the N-word repeatedly. It had obviously gone viral and Rogan even apologized for it. He issued a heartfelt apology and said this to be the most regretful and shameful thing“.

This has led to a huge fuss as the cancellation has brought in trouble for Spotify as well. Almost 70 episodes were pulled off from Spotify and that has led to the immense spike of the streaming giant’s cancellation page. As a matter of fact, these episodes can be tagged as racially insensitive.  

Artist Neil Young confirmed about taking down his music from Spotify if Joe Rogan didn’t get back his show. Many other artists joined the team and sternly believe that Rogan must get another chance. The CEO of Spotify, Daniel Ek even isn’t planning on “silencing” Rogan’s voice.  

Joe Rogan is 'unstoppable
Joe Rogan is ‘unstoppable

What Did Joe Concha Have to Say?

Joe Concha is a popular Fox News contributor who just showed the reality. In Jesse Watters Primetime Concha said that Rogan has gone “bigger than ever” after the canceled culture mess.

If you consider the numbers, 11 million people listen to Concha whereas CNN gets even less than a mere 500,000 viewers even after having many employees. The cancellation has given him more press, be it good or ugly. Now, everyone is checking out Rogan and his work only on a daily basis. Undoubtedly, it’s increasing his hype.  

Here is exactly what Concha said, “That is one hundred percent the playbook: Never back down, never apologize, go forward and believe in free speech. … Meanwhile, here’s how the scoreboard is going.

Eleven million people listen to Joe Rogan on a daily basis. CNN international brand, 42 years with thousands of employees, is watched by less than 500,000 viewers. Now here’s what all this effort to cancel Joe Rogan has resulted in.

He’s bigger than ever. He’s more powerful than ever, and all the press he’s received good, bad, ugly has only resulted in more people like me who really never listen to Joe Rogan’s podcast before now checking him out on a daily basis.

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It is indeed a true statement. Every time we try to cancel someone for doing anything wrong, they only got bigger. Just like Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern, maybe, Rogan will gain more popularity with this.

Cancel culture always functions in reverse, hardly any creator or celebrity gets fully banned. It’s just that the press keeps covering the news, even if it’s bad. The more the people discuss them, they will gradually turn into a public figure.

As the fate of Joe Rogan isn’t decided yet, we can say that he might come back. Even after being wrong in multiple instances, Joe Rogan is only getting fame and nothing else.

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