Tax Refund: The IRS Will Send Your Refund on the Following Dates

Tax years for 2020 and 2021 were puzzling, though the IRS is giving assurance to the public that this year will be a little closer to normal.

The past two years had extensions for the deadline to file tax returns, but this year the due date will be April 18, 2022.

The usual due date is April 15, but because of a holiday evenly acknowledged in offices in Washington, D.C., the date was delayed to the next business day.

This signifies that Americans will be submitting their tax returns at usual times again, so refunds should be sent out within the usual period of two-three weeks of acceptance of a return.

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How Am I Supposed to Know About the Time Period My Refund Will Take From the IRS?

There are a number of factors that get into how long it will take to receive your tax refund.

If you file your taxes previously, you will possibly receive your refund sooner.

IRS Will Send Your Refund
IRS Will Send Your Refund

If you are claiming the child tax or earned income tax credits then there can be postponement for your refund because of regulations imposed in place to prevent fraud. 

  • If you mail it then a longer time will be taken as compared to an electronically filed return.
  • Federal debts affect the amount of refund as well as speed.
  • The postponement for credits claimed is generally two to three weeks.

Dates When You Can Anticipate Your Refund From the IRS

According to reports, the dates mentioned below show when your return is filed followed by the expected date your refund should be given out.

  • February 7 – February 18
  • February 14 – February 25
  • February 21 – March 4
  • February 28 – March 11
  • March 7 – March 18
  • March 14 – March 25
  • March 21 – April 1
  • March 28 – April 8
  • April 4 – April 15
  • April 11 – April 22
  • April 18 – April 29
  • April 25 – May 6
  • May 2 – May 13
  • May 9 – May 20
  • May 16 – May 27
  • May 23 – June 4

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