The Cursed Release Date, Cast & Crew, Plot and More 

Cursed, a famous Netflix series of 2020, is an American fantasy tale featuring Katherine Langford, who starred in “13 Reasons Why”.  The show will premiere on Netflix on July 17th, 2020.

The series focuses on Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler’s outlined book of the same name. Viewers have been clamoring for another season ever since the 1st season originally aired. Below we have mentioned every detail of Cursed 2 for the viewers.

Who Are the Cursed’s Cast and Characters?

The series’s central character is Nimue, a youthful Fey lady who is disowned by her community because they assume that she is “Cursed.” Katherine Langford plays the character of “Nimue”. Arthur, a sellsword who develops his love interest in Nimue as they both travel together and starts to reclaim the honor of his family is played by Devon Terrell.

Other actors featured in the show are Gustaf Skarsgard, Daniel Sharman, Sebastian Armesto, Lily Newmark, Peter Mullan, Bella Dayne, Matte Stokoe, and Shalom Brune- Franklin. 

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What Is the Story of Cursed?

Netflix describes Cursed as “aggressive as well as tough.” It follows the experience of a young girl who possesses strange abilities and an iconic weapon. Nimue which is played by Katherine Langford is the young girl who teams up along with the delightful mercenary Arthur on an objective to save her people.

The series’s concept is placed in the eleventh century and is a reimagining of the Arthurian legend centered on Nimue, who is fated towards becoming Lady of the Lake. Nimue is seen holding the weapon of power when the show begins and trying to stand over a large rock, attempting to battle a pack of wolves in the rain.

The Cursed Release Date
The Cursed Release Date

Katherine raises the sword over her head in the official poster of the show, its identifying marks glowing with charm. Nimue slaughters a wolf with her first glide and ends up getting her weapon stuck in the rock she is standing on.

She needs to get the word out before he continues to defend himself. Nimue is a youngster with strong and unmanageable magical powers in Cursed. She reaches adulthood as an outcast in the community as a result of her power. Due to her mother’s last wish, Nimue embarks on a journey to convey the sword of power to Merlin and experiences hateful killings of her people. 

In the initial season, we have seen Nimue standing up to the quarreling human groups to support and save her people. The series has 10 episodes, and the characters who were presented underneath one title were later discovered to be characters with more considerable eyes to the Arthurian legend we are discussing.

The executive producer Tom Wheeler stated in an interview that “Even if we aren’t telling you who these characters are in some ways their destiny is already set. We know what we are aiming towards”.

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Is There a Teaser Available for Cursed 2?

There hasn’t been any information regarding the trailer for season two because Netflix has already canceled the show. Up to this point, no trailer for Cursed 2 has been released. However, the official trailer for Season one is available on Netflix as well as YouTube.

When Will Cursed Season 2 Be Released?

Cursed was revealed for production by Netflix in 2018, consisting of ten episodes in the first season. Katherine Langford was set as the show’s central character shortly after the declaration. The shooting of the show in the United Kingdom in January 2019. The show will be officially released on Netflix on July 17, 2020. We regret to inform you that the show has been canceled by Netflix. Season two of Cursed was scheduled to begin in 2021.


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