As California People Raise the Alarm About Crime, a San Francisco Man Alleges That the City Almost Pays Him to Remain Homeless

On Friday, “San Fransicko” author Michael Shellenberger came for a conversation with “Fox & Friends”, and disclosed that he had taken interview of hundreds of homeless people around the country, along with the man featured in the video.

Shellenberger stated that the man himself confirmed that he gets $620 per month in cash welfare and also $200 per month in food stamps.

Shellenberger told “Fox & Friends” co-host Will Cain “People are attracted to San Francisco because it offers the most generous benefits.”

Man Confessed to Trade Food Stamps for Cash

The author said that the man admitted that he used to sell food stamps for cash. The man also confessed that he purchased fentanyl and traded it to a 15 and 16 years old. Shellenberger termed the man’s moves “pretty common behavior” of the homeless in the California city. 

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IN the meantime, since homelessness rises rapidly under California leadership, many citizens have reached out to their city officials upon an insecure living environment. In Venice Beach, one worried parent raised the alarm on crime and said that the city may be responsible for not successfully enforcing laws related to overnight encampments.

At an appearance on “America’s Newsroom,” Matt Stayner claimed that his family has started to feel insecure living near the encampments following a homeless man stabbed his son while travelling in the Metro.

San Francisco man alleges
San Francisco man alleges

His son has since been cured, but Stayner stated that his boy was fortunate that two cops were nearby when the incident happened, considering the recent lack of police presence in the location.

Stayner told Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino “It was a huge mistake for us to defund the police here. We don’t have enough people on the street to help us out and crime has really surged.”

The California father said that the non-presence of police has “really been painful” for Venice Beach residents, saying that a nearby park has seen open drug use, a recent shooting, and a sexual assault.

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