Maskless Days After School Administrators Posed Without a Mask, A New York Parent Was Barred From Attending a School Board Meeting

A Western New York parent was pulled off from a school board meeting by security for not putting on a mask days after members of that school board and other local officials were captured in pictures without masks at an official event.

Dave Calus, a parent attending a school board meeting in Webster, could be visible on video being dragged out by a security guard holding his collar and hauled out of his chair since he sat silently waiting for his turn to speak at the meeting on Tuesday.

Calus Was Requested Twice to Wear a Mask

Calus told Fox News the security guard requested him twice to wear a mask. Calus stated that he replied by thanking him for his suggestion but refused to do the same.

In the video, the officer is seen saying for the third time “You need to wear a mask.” Calus again refused, and states that’s when the guard “put his hands on me.”

Later, Calus was dragged from his chair, rolled up against a wall, and shown the door out of the meeting.

Calus claims that he stepped into the meeting without wearing a mask and had been sitting silently for fifteen to twenty minutes before when he was faced off by the guard.

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Several Webster School District Officials Photographed Without Masks at a Meeting

Days ago, several Webster School District officials who were attending the meeting posed in images on social media at a school board function and they had not put on masks, which enraged local parents.

On Twitter, pictures were published by New York State Assembly member Jen Lunsford, a Democrat representing District 135, Webster School District Superintendent Brian Neenan, Webster School Board member Jennifer Birdsong and Webster School Board member Janice Richardson are seen posing for a camera without putting masks on.

According to reports, in no time, the picture invoked a lot of slamming from social media users. Users blamed school officials for their hypocrisy on imposing mask mandates over children whilst posing without wearing masks at meetings.

Lunsford stood to defend her steps on Twitter, asserting they were relevant as she put the mask off for just 30 seconds.

That explanation does not seem appropriate to attorney Chad Hummel. Hummel is Calus’s representative in a police investigation on whether security behaved inadequately in dragging Calus out from the meeting.

Hummel stated “Even if that’s true, which it certainly is not, they were there for two or three hours,” adding further “But, even if what she says is true, that it’s 30 seconds, why does she get to make that judgment call? Because she thinks she knows better than everyone else, right?”

Hummel clarified that he would possibly not be able to step into a school board meeting and says that he put his mask off for just 30 seconds or some other arbitrary length of time.

Hummel said “These people are such hypocrites,”, continuing further he said that children are provided with “no option” and are “brainwashed to the max.”

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A Statement Issued by Webster County School District

A statement has been issued by the Webster County School District that seemed to put allegation on Calus for not carrying himself in a “civil manner.”

The statement noted “We strive to hold a board of education meetings in public to inform the community of activities going on in our schools,” adding “Those meetings can only occur when everyone in attendance acts civilly. We understand that individuals have strong feelings about masking.”

Maskless Days after school administrators
Maskless Days after school administrators

The statement further said “We hear those concerns and are continuing to monitor the rapid changes in this ongoing pandemic. This week, the Monroe County Council of School Superintendents wrote a letter to Governor Kathy Hochul advocating for guidance and guidelines regarding an exit strategy for masking and other mitigation strategies.”

On Wednesday, Hochul made the announcement a day after Calus was dragged out of the school board meeting, that the state would be removing its indoor mask mandate across the nation except for schools, health care facilities, child care centers, homeless shelters, and corrections facilities.

When questioned why high schools, where there are high rates of vaccination, are being entertained differently as compared to the businesses, Hochul claimed students are in “a very concentrated setting” without much freedom of movement, and “adults can make their own decision.”

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Calus Spoke About Many Parents Not Having Enough Power Over Kids as It Comes to Their Education

Calus told Fox News “There’s a group of us parents that have realized over the last two years how much control we don’t have over our children as it relates to their education,” adding “It’s a scary thought that the state has more power and control over our kids than we do.

If more people in my town, my district, my county, and New York state don’t start to realize that and wake up to that fact, we’re headed down a really dangerous path.”


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