Survivor 42, What Does It Look Like for the New Season? Release Date, Location & Cast Confirmed

Survivor 42 has been on the cards for a release for a very long time and finally, it seems, the new season of Survivor is going to be aired very soon. Slated for a March 9, 2022 release, Survivor 42 is long-awaited and is going to make the fans go crazy.  

Survivor 42 was originally supposed to be released back in the spring of 2021 but due to the pandemic outbreak across the world, the filming was majorly impacted, hence delayed. The filming of both season 41 and season 42 was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic and that led to back-to-back filming of both seasons.

Survivor has followed the trend of back-to-back filming in the past as well. Typically, the creators would film the seasons one after another and release one season in the fall followed by the next season in the summer. Covid 19 pandemic however impacted the flow and delayed the filming by over a year.

Survivor 41 lasted for 26 days and the new season is going to take place for over 26 days as well. This 26 days period also includes a mandatory 14 days quarantine procedure for the entire crew and contestants. While this may come as a surprise for the fans, the fast-paced action in Survivor 42 is going to keep the excitement going. 

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Previous seasons ran for 39 days and this new shorter cycle is not only fun for the fans but also quite challenging for the cast and crew. One more thing that differentiates the new season from the old ones is the theme.

While in the past we have seen titles such as “Worlds Apart” or “Blood vs Water”, the official title for the new season is just going to be “Survivor 42”. Rumors also suggest that the creators are going to follow the same trend for the upcoming seasons as well. 

Survivor 42 Trailer and Cast 

The official news for Survivor 42 came with the trailer and it has stirred a buzz of excitement among the loyal fans of the show. The first glimpses of Survivor 42 were telecasted in the finale of Survivor 41 and the new season is looking to set new benchmarks.

It is described as “the most dangerous version of ‘Survivor’ ever seen.” It is going to set new expectations overall as this time we will get to see fierce contestants like a firefighter, a weightlifter, and even a businesswoman. The host of the show Jeff Probst even said about the challenges and sad “no food and a relentless pace.”  


Just like the previous season, Survivor 42 will also have 18 new contestants and this time everyone hails from different backgrounds and experiences. The diversity mandate of CBS specifies they must cast contestants from diverse backgrounds.

This mandate came into effect in 2020 and CBS must have at least 50% of their cast from a Black, Indigenous, or People of Color (BIPOC) background. Cast announcement for the new season surfaced on 9th February 2022 and this time as well we will get to see three different tribes Ika, Taku, and Vati at the start of the game.

Which Location Is Next for Survivor 42?

What is an interesting thing to look for is the location for Survivor 42. Mamanuca Islands in Fiji is yet again the location selected for the new season and looking at the plans, it seems like even the future seasons of Survivor will take place in the Mamanuca Islands as well.

The clear water, beautiful beaches, and the people of Fiji have earned a good reputation and Probst said once “I hope we stay here forever.” Survivor 41 took place in Fiji and there was no cheering studio audience like in the previous seasons.

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In addition to that, because all the live elements like the audience are eliminated from the show, the dramatic moments are what the fans will miss majorly. Earlier Probst put forward his take on the decision to scrap fans from attendance and he said he misses the “big energy” of the fans. 

How Survivor 42 is going to pan out for the fans is still a question but looking at the cast, crew, and history of Survivor we can be sure it is going to blow everyone’s minds away.

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