Will There Be a Bobs Burger Movie?

“Bob’s Burgers,” created by Loren Bouchard for Fox, is a hit cartoon sitcom that began in 2011 and has 11 seasons thus far, with Seasons 12 and 13 greenlit and on the line. In addition, a feature-length film named “Bob’s Burgers: The Movie” has been in the process since 2017, but it’s not been simple (Deadline).

The program and film, which star H. Jon Benjamin as the main character, Bob Belcher, follow the Belcher family as they manage a burger shop on Ocean’s Avenue in a coastal city.

With a wife and three very annoying kids, Bob and his family get into a lot of mischiefs each episode, and there’s a creative team of amusing folks who live and work around town, many of whom attend or work at the children’s school, Wagstaff.

Bob’s Burgers” has been nominated for 11 Emmys and has won two of them, and several magazines rank the show as one of the best animated shows of all time (TV Guide).

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The series has also had stable ratings over the years, thus the announcement of the film came as no surprise. “Bob’s Burgers: The Movie,” which was originally intended for a 2020 release date, has encountered some setbacks along the way, including the Disney-Fox merger and delays owing to COVID.

Despite the challenges, the picture appears to be finished — or nearly finished — and almost prepared to go, so it’s probably only a question of time before it reaches a theatre near you.

Here’s all we know about “Bob’s Burgers: The Movie” thus far. 

When Is Bob’s Burgers: the Movie Coming Out?

Sadly, for lovers of the “Bob’s Burgers” series who are anxiously anticipating the film’s debut, the date remains uncertain. Benjamin spoke with Monitor in September 2020 about the film’s current condition, stating that “There is undeniable development. We’ve begun to record the audio as best we can.

Bobs Burger Movie
Bobs Burger Movie

Everyone is working from home, but I understand they’ve done a lot of animatics.” At this point, the film had a release date of April 9, 2021, which was confirmed by Disney early in the year, when they were relatively bullish about their production schedule for 2020 and 2021. (CNBC).

Benjamin indicated in his comments to the Observer that “It’s scheduled to release in the spring, but I’m not sure if that will remain the case. They’re working on it as hard as they can right now.”

Disney dropped “Bob’s Burgers: The Movie” from the launch date entirely in late January 2021, maybe due to delays caused by remote production challenges or other factors.

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What Is Bob’s Burgers: The Movie About?

There isn’t much information available about the plot of “Bob’s Burgers: The Movie.” The movie has been classified as a musical comedy, and Bouchard noted about the movie at the 2018 SDCC panel that Louise and Kuchi Kopi, her bedside lamp with whom she interacts in fantasy land, will meet again, implying that this is at least a subplot of the story.

The cartoon comedy “Bob’s Burgers” portrays the Belcher family on numerous weird and surprising excursions over the seasons. A majority of the plot revolves around Bob’s business problems, Tina’s social anxiety and desire for romance, Linda’s intense, excessively passionate mothering, and whatever strange things are going on inside Gene and Louise’s skulls.

After such a lengthy wait, the eagerly awaited forthcoming film is likely to please, with lots of nods to series episodes amid an all-new Belcher family story. Fans of “Bob’s Burgers” should be able to wait a little longer, as everything will be worth waiting.

Who Is in the Cast of Bob’s Burgers: The Movie?

Along with Benjamin, the casting of “Bob’s Burgers: The Movie” includes John Roberts as Linda Belcher, Dan Mintz as Tina, the eldest Belcher child, Eugene Mirman as Gene, and Kristen Schaal as Louise, the naughty youngest daughter.

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While no further cast members have been announced, there are a few side characters who will almost certainly feature at some time in the plot. Teddy, Bob’s friend, and regular customer is performed by Larry Murphy, as is Mr. Frond, the Wagstaff School counselor, who is narrated by David Herman.

Other figures who viewers would like to see on the big screen include classmates Zeke (Bobby Tisdale) and the Pesto siblings, which include an older brother and Tina’s crush, Jimmy Jr. (also portrayed by Benjamin), and his twin brothers, Andy (Laura Silverman) and Ollie (also performed by Benjamin) (Sarah Silverman).

Of course, Linda’s wacky sister Gayle (Megan Mullally), Mike the mailman (Tim Meadows), and Mort, the local funeral director, are all present (Andy Kindler). As the franchise’s first full-length film, “Bob’s Burgers: The Movie” is an ambitious endeavor, so fans should hope to see a few fresh characters, potentially with highly familiar voices.

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