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An Underrated Tom Hardy Is Climbing on Netflix

Tom Hardy has rapidly become one of the most capable and talented actors of his generation, continuously flashing what is beginning to feel like near unlimited range on the big screen.

He has been seen in various diversified roles over the years, capable of playing all types of characters in different genres. His unique appearance and delivery are only a part of the overall package and it’s quite transparent that he accepts the craft as seriously as anyone out there.

One of his more unnoticed movies is currently mounting the streaming charts on Netflix, setting him in something of a sports movie for the first time in his career. Warrior is placed at #7 on the streamer.

What Is the Role of Tom Hardy in the Film?

In Warrior, Tom Hardy portrays the role of Tommy Riordan, a silent and disturbed ex-Marine who has come back to Pittsburgh under somewhat mysterious situations. He meets with his father with whom he has had a complicated past and it’s very transparent that the former is on the way to turning things right.

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And however, Tommy doesn’t appear to seek any part of his former alcohol-addicted father, it’s explicit that he does require at least something from him and that is training. Because it shows that at a point Tommy was a skilled wrestler and the coach was his dad.

It ended disastrously for the first time, but Tommy has his rationales for aspiring to begin the relationship again.

And there is much more to this Tom Hardy movie as Tommy’s brother Brendan is also a fighter. While his life has taken a different direction, now teaching school and attempting to lead a life suburban.

But that temptation of the ring is still there and he discovers himself in some weekend/ bar-parking light throwdowns that are also assisting to make payments for the bills. And he has one big bill, to be precise, he requires money for his daughter who needs open-heart surgery. 

Tom Hardy Is Climbing On Netflix

What Can We Expect to See in the Upcoming Film?

In Warrior, things come to a climax when Tom Hardy participates in a national MMA contest, the Sparta Tournament against other professional fighters. He needs to win the top cash prize to repay a loan from his past. And through the situation over anything, Brendan also discovers himself in the tournament. And as it’s a film, we are quite aware that both of them are in conflict. 

At first glance, Warrior seems like it would be categorized as an MMA film, and it’s quite simple to see why. The tweak is regarding a family of fighters who are each coping with problems on several different levels.

But at its center, the film is about family and what it takes to get over the pain of the past so that one can move on into the future. Tom Hardy is a full-on presence in the movie, speaking out very little throughout with most of his actions carried out in the fierce way he fights and eliminates contenders.

And it also carries out how he is utilizing his pain and guilt to boost what he requires to get going, all of which you will see when the film starts to stream on Netflix.

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Who Else Is Joining the Cast of the Film?

Along with Tom Hardy, Warrior will also come up with some other famous actors. Nick Nolte portrays the Riordan boys’ former-alcoholic, now-changed Christian father. His story is as integral to what is occurring here as anything else.

And there is also Joel Edgerton portraying the character of Brendan, an under-matched fighter who utilizes his style to prepare his path through the tournament. Frank Grillo, Jennifer Morrison, Kevin Dunn, and Noah Emmerich are also on board. 

The warrior turned about after Tom Hardy had done Inception and was a year before he played the character of Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. It did not manage to perform well and made only $23 million on its budget of $25 million.

But it got a really good response from critics and had a rating of 84% on Rotten Tomatoes. Reviews were positive as the performances of the main leads were just outstanding. Each of them brought such a different dynamic to the film and the movie, which revolves around all three almost equally performs well in this manner.

It’s quite simple to see why this movie is mounting the charts on Netflix, keeping up after ten years, likely helped by the persisted popularity of mixed martial arts as a sport.

The actor is coming up with another successful turn with the character of Eddie Brock/ Venom from last fall. And there is more in the making with that franchise. Next up for Tom Hardy will be Havoc with Timothy Olyphant and Forest Whitaker by his side and the project is about a drug deal that went wrong. Meanwhile, switch on and watch Warrior on Netflix. 

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