The Sandman Release Date, Story, Cast & Trailer

The Sandman is an iconic comic series that made its mark in the ’80s. Now, it is more than 30 years since the audiences are waiting to see a series adaptation of this comic and it’s finally happening.

The plot and the amazing cast are ready to leave an unblemished impact on your minds. Little information was updated about this series to date but one thing is for sure, it is going to release on the popular streaming platform, Netflix. So, Netflix subscribers are in luck as there is something new on the way.

The Sandman Release Date

Many popular sources tried to gather information about the exact release date but they failed. The show is going to premiere this year, 2022 but the date is just another surprise. Some fans hoped that it would be released in February 2022 but that isn’t happening.

The Sandman will release in the second half of 2022 and Netflix is already preparing for making such a massive release. Possibly, it may release during autumn but the final confirmation is yet to come. 

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The Sandman Story 

To begin with, The Sandman’s first season will probably have 11 episodes. As this is going to be based on the first two collections of the comic, you can see interpretations from the Preludes & Nocturnes and also The Doll’s House.  

The Sandman Release Date
The Sandman Release Date

So, what is the story going to be about? If we take a recap, the first set-up will be dated 1916 and will take place in an occult ritual. Instead of Death, the magician Roderick Burgess will be trapping Dream mistakenly.

For almost over 100 years, Dream was imprisoned and finally, he escaped into the modern world. His ultimate goal is to seek revenge from those individuals who kept him trapped for years in order to build his kingdom of dreams again. 

The storyline is very strong and fans who have read the comics know how deep of an impact it leaves on the readers’ minds. To satisfy the desire of the audiences, in June 2019, Netflix announced about making The Sandman television series. Now we have what you dreamt for all this while.

The Sandman Cast

You may have already recognized the popular faces. There will be no mistakes in screenwriting as well since Allan Heinberg from Wonder Woman will be taking the charger. On the other hand, Gaiman is the producer of this show. It is going to be directed by the very famous Jamie Childs (four episodes), Andres Baiz (three episodes), and Louise Hooper (two episodes). 

A cast plays a vital role in determining how the show is going to turn out. So, the perfect cast list will surely impress the audience.

The cast of Sandman consist of Tom Sturridge playing the imprisoned character Morpheus / Dream, Vivienne Acheampong playing Lucienne, Kirby Howell-Baptiste being Death, Gwendoline Christie seen as Lucifer, Sanjeev Bhaskar portraying Cain, Boyd Holbrook depicting The Corinthian, Mason Alexander Park shown as Desire, Charles Dance playing Roderick Burgess, Donna Preston will be Despair, Asim Chaudhry as Abel, Razane Jammal playing Lyta Hall, David Thewlis will be John Dee / Doctor Destiny, Patton Oswalt will voice Matthew the Raven, Jenna Coleman being Johanna Constantine, Kyo Ra for Rose Walker, Joely Richardson as Ethel Cripps, Sandra James-Young playing Unity Kinkaid, Niamh Walsh will Ethel Cripps (younger) and finally Stephen Fry as Gilbert. 

Every character seems to fit perfectly into his or her role.

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The Sandman Trailer

The trailer of the series shows how Dream was brought to life, in fact, the beginning of the thrilling saga. It is a 1.13 minutes trailer where the magician Roderick Burgess along with other magicians tried to summon Death and imprison him but ended up calling upon Dream. He was heard saying “Which one have I got?” and the face of Dream was uncovered. The trailer surely sends down chills and was captivating.

A lot of speculation is already there but we only wait for the confirmed news. Once the full list of episodes and the release date is out, you will receive the update. What are your thoughts on the upcoming release of the famous comics?


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